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2021 Analysis of Mechanisms to Increase the Industrial Silicon Solar Cell Efficiency Kirichenko, M.V.; Zaitsev, R.V.; Minakova, K.A.; Chugai, O.M.; Oleynick, S.V.; Bilyk, S.Yu.; Styslo, B.O. Article -1913172940 -1324668883
2024 Analysis of the company’s business model as a foundation for the successful digital transformation and sustainable development Zavrazhnyi, Kostiantyn Yuriiovych; Kulyk, Anzhelika Kostiantynivna Article 473 448
2015 Applying economics and mathematic methods for system of commodity turnover optimization at manufacturing and trade enterprises Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Barcik, R. Article -1267440426 675865917
2012 Aspects of export optimization in the context of the machine-building enterprise Тростенюк, O.С. Preprint 336375487 242367333
2022 Biaxial Heat Balance Model of a Solar Collector Minakova, K.A.; Zaitsev, R.V. Article 1175656392 506073322
2014 Calculation of optimal design of heat-mass transfer separation vortex trays Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Javaid, А. Article 793630475 1710388168
2022 Carburization-based optimization of AISI 8620 steel using rice husks and charcoal as carburizers Okwesileze, I.A.; Okafor, O.C.; Atanmo, P.N.; Ekengwu, I.E.; Uyaelumuo, E.I. Article 436646 813826
2021 The country's external debt and ways to optimize it Neronov, R.R.; Неронов, Р.Р. Bachelous Paper 30472545 388828835
2022 Determining the Optimal Directions of Investment in Regional Renewable Energy Development Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna; Kurbatova, Tetiana Oleksandrivna; Romaniuk, Yaroslavna Serhiivna; Prokopenko, O.; Gonchar, V.; Sayenko, Y.; Prause, G.; Sapiński, A. Article 218567 179815
2017 Directions of the environmental protection processes optimization at heat power engineering enterprises Hurets, Larysa Leonidivna; Kozii, Ivan Serhiiovych; Miakaieva, H.M. Article 92457472 196211403
2020 Economic Optimization of Resource Use Based on Smart Grid Kubatko, Oleksandra Viktorivna; Ihnatchenko, Vitalii Mykhailovych; Shaparenko, S.V.; Starodub, I.A.; Yaryomenko, D.O. Article -616320203 -930910558
2022 Electromagnetic Performance of Waveguide Polarizers with Sizes Obtained by Single-Mode Technique and by Trust Region Optimization Piltyay, S.; Bulashenko, A.; Kalinichenko, Y.; Bulashenko, O.V. Article 152976629 172782734
2024 Electron Transport Layer Material Optimization for Cs2AgBiBr6 Based Solar Cell Using SCAPS Das, S.; Kanakavalli, P.B.; Cheerla, S.; Narzary, S.; Gohain, P.P.; Chakraborty, K.; Paul, S. Article 63399 63732
2024 Establishment of the Prospective CZTGS Photovoltaic through the Optimization of Some Device Parameters Adewoyin, A.D.; Adeniji, A.E.; Adewoyin, I.D.; Ajayi, K.F. Article 1242 1244
2021 Information-extreme machine training of on-board recognition system with optimization of RGB-component digital images Naumenko, I.; Myronenko, Mykyta Ihorovych; Savchenko, T. Article 162861644 120509734
2016 Informational Extreme Cluster Analysis of Input Data Yefimenko, Tetiana Mykhailivna; Korobchenko, Olena Vladyslavivna Conference Papers -1530593576 -2103169975
2020 An integrated approach for improving tool provisioning efficiency Denysenko, Yuliia Oleksandrivna; Ivanov, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Luscinski, S.; Zaloha, Viliam Oleksandrovych Article 135381739 88294113
2017 Investor compensation fund: an optimal size for countries with developed stock markets and Ukraine Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna; Bondarenko, Yevheniia Kostiantynivna; Ostapenko, M. Article 805305368 29180463
2022 Logistics activities of transport enterprises and supply chain management in international business Miroshnychenko, K.S. Masters thesis 599905 1427635
2013 Modeling of manufacturer and retailer cooperative income considering advertising costs Zavirukha, A.O.; Bludova, T.V. Article 1845820877 -1735908296