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2018 Characterization of Different Type of Backsheet Films Used in PV Modules Rahul, Kumar; Parag, Bhargava Article 6230 191
2016 Effect of thermal annealing and deposition conditions on the structure and mechanical properties of a mulitlayer nitride coating based on Ta Kravchenko, Ya.; Maksakova, O.; Drodziel, P.; Loboda, V. Article 30101 6691
2019 Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on Phase Formation Processes in Amorphous Alloy Fe76Ni4Si14B6 Tsaregradskaya, T.L.; Kozachenko, V.V.; Kuryliuk, A.M.; Turkov, O.V.; Saenko, G.V. Article 1559 45
2020 Influence of Constant Magnetic Field on Mechanical Properties and Thermal Stability of the Amorphous Alloys Based on Co, Fe and Ni Tsaregradskaya, T.L.; Kuryliuk, A.M.; Ovsiienko, I.V.; Saenko, G.V.; Turkov, O.V. Article 99 28
2014 Influence of deposition parameters on the structure and properties of nitride coatings Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Azarenkov, N.A.; Beresnev, V.M; Litovchenko, S.V. Article 81281 8376
2011 Investigation of structure and properties of bury barrier layers at low energy carbon and oxigen ions Kuterbekov, K.A.; Kislitsyn, S.B.; Nurachmetov, T.N. Conference Papers 294599 2169
2013 Low-temperature Sol-gel Approach for Creating New Functional Nanomaterials Vinogradov, A.V.; Vinogradov, V.V. Conference Papers 9188 707
2018 Structural Features and Tribological Properties of Multilayer Coatings Based on Refractory Metals Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Kravchenko, Yaroslav Olehovych; Bondar, Oleksandr Viacheslavovych; Zhollybekov, B.; Kupchishin, A.I. Article 3976 1365
2019 Нітридні покриття на основі високоентропійних сплавів: структура та властивості Тарасенко, Ю.О. Bachelous Paper 5 0
2017 Термічна стабільність магнітних характеристик спін-вентильних систем NiхFe[1-х]/Ag/Co Колоскова, О.А.; Бездідько, О.В.; Pazukha, Iryna Mykhailivna; Odnodvorets, Larysa Valentynivna Conference Papers 1305 130