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2010 E-commerce in Ukraine Hladchenko, Oksana Робертівна; Hladchenko, Oksana Robertivna; Moshkina, K. Conference Papers 325 272
2015 E-Dura implant Palij, T.A. Conference Papers 36 41
2004 E-learning for environment on the example of the distance education course: introduction to cleaner production and sustainable development Suprunenko, S. Conference Papers 381 364
2014 E-Zeitung Redko, T. Conference Papers 29 5
2013 Early diagnosis of microelement imbalance in newborns with respiratory distreess syndrome Kovchun, A.V. Conference Papers 143 131
2012 Early modern philosophy Synakh, Andrii Oleksandrovych Learning Object 1121 2125
2004 East dimension of European Union policy, asymmetrical threats and environmental security in the region Neprytskyy, O. Conference Papers 751 464
2010 Eastern partnership: financial implications Haber, J.A. Conference Papers 66 49
2013 Eco-city - settlement of the future Fashchuk, Y.V.; Shkurko, Y.I. Conference Papers 224 180
2010 Eco-economic aspects of risk management in ecological safety Goryaeva, Y.A.; Rubalov, A.A. Conference Papers 538 557
2014 Eco-innovations as the base of green regional development Burich, I.V.; Shkarupa, E.V. Conference Papers 99 112
2014 Eco-labeling as an instrument of effective environmental policy Sabadash, Viktor Volodymyrovych; Cherviatsova, O.V. Conference Papers 111 61
2008 Eco-labelling as one of the most important instruments of ecological management and sustainable development Luhchenko, Anna; Telepenko, Irina Conference Papers 679 691
2005 Eco-labor tax reform: experience of implementation the european countries and possibilities fro Ukraine Maslyukivska, O.; Myronova, I. Conference Papers 681 673
2018 Eco-organizations in Ukraine - potential for an organized national eco-movement Chayen, Samuel; Makarenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Гнатенко, К. Conference Papers 28 25
2013 Eco-product development on the ground of marketing complex 4P2 Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Shypil, Anna Conference Papers 247 313
2007 Eco-technological procedure of the waste water and sludge treatment of the galvanic process Melnyk, Olena Serhiivna Conference Papers 583 565
2007 Eco-technological procedure of the waste water and sludge treatment of the galvanic process Melnik, E.S. Conference Papers 457 489
2009 Ecofeminism as a generating element in environmental and humanitarian studies Popova, K. Conference Papers 496 524
2008 Ecofeminism: a new concept of sustainable development Lynnyk, Yuliia Mykolaivna Conference Papers 452 466