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2012 V Міжнародна наукова конференція «Умови економічного зростання у країнах з ринковою економікою» зібрала в древньому Переяславі наукову еліту України і зарубіжжя Боголіб, Т.М. Article 626 558
2011 Vacancy defect reconstruction and its effect on electron transport in Si-C nanotubes Choudhary, S.; Qureshi, S. Article 1549 1635
2018 VacTrain Ганжа, Є.Б. Conference Papers 209 188
2011 Vacuum arc discharge on integrally cold cathode Lisenkov, A.A.; Valuev, V.P.; Barchenko, V.T.; Grebnev, O.I.; Krupovich, N.V. Conference Papers 6357 6739
2012 Vacuum Ultraviolet Assisted Photoreduction of Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Baskakov, S.A.; Vasilets, V.N.; Shulga, Y.M. Conference Papers 510 429
2017 Vagosimpatic relationship in development of myopic refraction of students Maslova, N.M. Conference Papers 108 8
2008 Valuation of environmental aspects composing a system of environmental management and audit (SEMA) Tomashpolskaya, Julia Conference Papers 1570 1549
2018 Valuation of intangible assets according to Czech accounting standards and IFRS in the context of explanatory power of financial statements Dlaskova, G.; Cipovova, E. Article 103 86
2019 Value Co-creation and Leadership: An Analysis Based on the Business Ecosystem Concept Bonamigo, A.; Mendes, D. Article 125 122
2008 Value of climatic changes monitoring of for estimation of ecodestructiv influencing of global warming process Telepenko, Irina Conference Papers 884 943
2007 Value of latent risk and decision to hedge Acharya, S.; Francis, W. Article 110 97
2017 Values-based investing as a background of company’s management Pakhnenko, Olena Mykhailivna Conference Papers 1540 1264
2012 Variants polymorphisms of genes vitamin D receptor (VDR) Obukhova, Olha Anatoliivna; Sheikh, K.M. Conference Papers 393 380
2015 Variation in Feed Point within Differed L-Slot Multi-frequency Microstrip Patch Sandeep, A.; Ramni, G.; Saleem, K.; Parveen, L. Article 117 117
2011 Variation of quantum well infrared photodetectors parameter with an applied electric field Singh, R.P.; Singh, D.P. Article 1130 1083
2013 Variation of the Vibration and Electronic States at Ion Irradiation of TiO2 Nanofilms with Ag and Au Nanoparticles Kornienko, N.E.; Busko, T.O.; Kulish, N.P. Conference Papers 405 346
2015 Various approaches in teaching English Malovana, Nina Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 262 237
2016 Vector-matrix Analytical Model Recognitions of Nanoparticles of Silver on Polyester Fibers on Polarizing Raman Ranges Emelyanov, V.M.; Dobrovolskaya, T.A.; Danilova, S.A.; Emelyanov, V.V.; Butov, K.V. Article 388 389
2016 Vegetative state of early-school age children with posture violence Afanas'ev, S.M. Conference Papers 79 63
2018 Verbal and Non-Verbal Component of Emotiveness in Political Discourse: Translation Aspect Kulish, Vladyslava Serhiivna; Niemtseva, Ya.M. Article 233 219