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2017 5G ultra dense networks Bulashenko, A.V.; Zabegaloff, I.V. Conference Papers 206747654 52201337
2008 Account of nature-protective expenses on ecologically harmful production Mamchuk, I.V.; Lyamets, D.S. Conference Papers 636896844 131639914
2009 Accounting of ecological rent under processing of wastes Lyamets, D.S.; Mamchuk, I.V. Conference Papers -931083096 -1305590257
2022 Accuracy and Agreement of FDTD, FEM and Wave Matrix Methods for the Electromagnetic Simulation of Waveguide Polarizers Bulashenko, A.; Piltyay, S.; Polishchuk, A.; Bulashenko, O.; Kushnir, H.; Zabehalov, Ihor Viktorovych Article 29242 12398
2016 Category of Modality in the Modern English Language Lozovska, A.G.; Yashchuk, P.A. Conference Papers 208056392 96301478
2017 Chromium (VI) ions extraction from water Tolstopalova, N.M.; Obushenko, T.I.; Kostoglod, O.B. Conference Papers 21369575 2275440
2022 Compact 2-step Septulum Polarization Converters for Radars and Satellite Systems Piltyay, S.; Bulashenko, A.; Fesyuk, I.; Bulashenko, O. Article 16382 4739
2021 Comparative Analysis of Compact SatellitePolarizers Based on a Guide with Diaphragms Piltyay, S.; Bulashenko, A.; Fesyuk, I.; Bulashenko, O.V. Article 4242295 203564
2011 Cравнение химических предприятий с точки зрения устойчивого развития Михалева, М.С.; Безносик, Ю.А.; Бугаева, Л.Н. Conference Papers 258875297 91060346
2011 Cравнение химических предприятий с точки зрения устойчивого развития Михалева, М.С.; Безносик, Ю.А.; Бугаева, Л.Н. Conference Papers 424131019 1914099543
2018 Cтворення конструкторською групою ХПЗ Танка Т-24 Троян, А.В.; Гирич, Я.М. Conference Papers 24713457 6043167
2022 Didactic Principles Of Education Students 3D-printing Lukianchuk, I.; Tulashvili, Y.; Podolyak, V.; Horbariuk, R.; Kovalchuk, V.; Bazyl, Serhii Mykhailovych Article 307739 26822
2016 Dylematy światowego rynku energetycznego Januła, E. Conference Papers 1801130709 293515906
2022 Ecological properties of phosphogypsum and its products: biogeosystem technique for management Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Haneklaus, N.; Roubik, H. Conference Papers 4238 656
2008 Ecologization of economics and ecologo-economic efficiency Moiseyenko, Alla Conference Papers -1656795899 1840216078
2022 Economic development of Ukraine during the war: challenges, risks and today's realities Lukianenko, T.S.; Klindukh, I.V.; Zakusylo, Roman Vasylovych; Petrushova, L.S. Conference Papers 103 44
2016 Efficiencies of conventional anaerobic digestion procedure and ionizing radiation treatment for removal of pharmaceutical residues from municipal wastewater Reinholds, I.; Pugajeva, I.; Perkons, I.; Rusko, J.; Bartkevics, V. Conference Papers 28699250 3845805
2022 Electromagnetic Performance of Waveguide Polarizers with Sizes Obtained by Single-Mode Technique and by Trust Region Optimization Piltyay, S.; Bulashenko, A.; Kalinichenko, Y.; Bulashenko, O.V. Article 6241 4214
2022 Explosive formulations containing concentrated hydrogen peroxide – potential solutions to key drawbacks of currently used explosives? Jarosz, T.; Stolarczyk, A. Conference Papers 1700 356
2018 Explosive function of safe literal apparatus Seredin, А.P.; Bulashenko, А.V. Conference Papers 25362040 5727580