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2011 Actual economic problems of the environmental air pollution Saady, M. Abaas; Thareef, J.Mohammed Althabhawi; Makarov, A.V. Conference Papers 2275 2387
2005 Actual questions of the management of polymeric materials’ wastes Vartanyan, Anna Conference Papers 643 296
2010 Actuality of climate change problem Shevtsov, Serhii Valeriiovych Conference Papers 1517 375
2011 Actualization of the interconnections between natural capital and human capital in the context of environmental management Petrushenko, Mykola Mykolaiovych Conference Papers 1268 1282
2012 Adaptation of methodology calculation relative crowding coefficient for evaluation competition of tree species in polyculture Zarochentseva, O. Conference Papers 975 2391
2017 Additional service and business jurisdiction as one of the key elements of increasing competitiveness of real estate agencies Minko, D.S. Conference Papers 101 10
2013 Advanced analytics as a tool to identify ways to achieve sustainable development Zaytseva, K. Conference Papers 1582 1071
2013 Advantages of using quartzite in the construction industry Myroshnychenko, I.A.; Myroshnychenko, D.V. Conference Papers 663 2102
2006 Agri-environmental and forest-environmental schemes: first steps of European Union policy in Czech Republic Morawetz, J. Conference Papers 688 323
2013 Agricultural purpose lands Stepenko, O. Conference Papers 603 160
2006 Agroecological monitoring of innovational processes Novikova, O. Conference Papers 422 330
2005 Air and water of condition of urbanization Kozlov, E. Conference Papers 939 496
2013 Aloe vera: the green gold amongst us Teklu, A.G. Conference Papers 728 221
2013 Alpha managers - an advantage or disadvantage for the organization Nikolova, D.R.; Kuneva, V.A.; Lesidrenska, S. Conference Papers 529 472
2005 Alternative energy Karaganova, E.; Konchenko, E. Conference Papers 1095 1493
2010 Alternative energy to ensure sustainable development Alias, Naser Ibraheem Conference Papers 1902 2369
2013 Alternative mechanisms of funding sustainability Shkodkina, Yuliia Mykhailivna Conference Papers 660 73
2006 Alternative sources of energy. Wind-power engineering Volkov, A.N.; Sayenko, E.U. Conference Papers 1514 694
2014 Alternative tax mechanisms of stimulation to ecologically safe state development Avramenko, N.L.; Shpilkivska, Z.V. Conference Papers 1505 934
2017 Alternatives of economic development in the information society Nekrasenko, L.; Lazurenko, B. Conference Papers 24 41