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2013 3D Computer Models of Mo-Zr-V, Ti-C-V, Ti-Ir-Ru T-x-y Diagrams with Three-phase Reaction Type Changing Lutsyk, V.I.; Vorob’eva, V.P. Conference Papers -1293745871 -1918709601
2014 3D-друк в медицині Безверха, Т.М. Conference Papers 424947025 -805151236
2013 3D-модель легкого позашляховика "баггі". Використання засобів SolidWorks в тривимірному моделюванні Брижахін, Є.В.; Гонтарєв, А.А. Conference Papers 2083709168 1414213835
2013 3D-модель персонального комп'ютера. Використання засобів SolidWorks в тривимірному моделюванні Кудрявцев, Р.С.; Шепіль, Є.А. Conference Papers 913755406 1466429613
2013 3D-принтер Бібік, В.І. Conference Papers 386953093 640390903
2013 4He Sorption in Graphene Oxide at Low Temperatures Dolbin, A.V.; Eselson, V.B.; Gavrilko, V.G.; Manzhelii, V.G.; Vinnikov, N.A.; Basnukaeva, R.M.; Benito, Ana Conference Papers -1976099339 1594055746
2013 A Comparative Study on Spinel Iron-cobalt Oxide Prepared by Co-precipitation and Hydrothermal Routes Hammiche-Bellal, Y.; Djadoun, A.; Meddour-Boukhobza, L.; Barama, A. Conference Papers -1720274702 982718339
2015 A Device for Successive Injection Analysis Tychkov, V.V.; Trembovetskaya, R.V. Conference Papers 1341510360 1563715744
2015 A First Principles Study of Chalcopyrite Mn-doped AlGaP2 Compounds Kang, Byung-Sub; Song, Kie-Moon Article -1490210634 165166662
2018 A new type of (TiZrNbTaHf)N/MoN nanocomposite coating: Microstructure and properties depending on energy of incident ions Bahdasarian, Artem Anatoliiovych; Pshyk, A.V.; Coy, L.E.; Konarski, P; Misnik, M; Ivashchenko, V.I.; Kempinski, M; Mediukh, N.R.; Beresnev, V.M.; Jurga, S; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych Article -1295864158 534019642
2015 A Novel Nanowire Metal Converter for Improvement the Efficiency of the Gas-filled Radiation Detectors Zarei, H.; Saramad, S.; Eskandari, K. Conference Papers 1533761042 459393572
2013 A Novel Study of Electrospun Nanofibers Morphology as a Function of Polymer Solution Properties Nasouri, K.; Haji, A.; Shoushtari, A.M.; Kaflou, A. Conference Papers 2059959362 -1455987004
2015 A Recent Study of Quantum Atomic Spectrum of the Lowest Excitations for Schrödinger Equation with Typical Rational Spherical Potential at Planck's and Nanoscales Maireche, Abdelmadjid Article -880449640 1394592135
2014 A Review In Preparation of Electronic Ink for Electrophoretic Displays Kholghi Eshkalak, S; Khatibzadeh, M. Article -2025320208 165527829
2013 A Review On Green Methods for Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles Bayat, M.; Khatibzadeh, M. Conference Papers -1845634496 -1038565634
2014 A self-assembly of nanoparticles Yushchenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Badalian, Anna Yuriivna; Bratash, S.O. Conference Papers 1343487891 1964078225
2015 A Semantic Knowledge Model for Support of Network Management Tasks in Complex Heterogeneous Systems Gladun, A.Y. Conference Papers 638888195 21498509
2010 A Stochastic Model of Stick-Slip Boundary Friction with Account for the Deformation Effect of the Shear Modulus of the Lubricant Khomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych; Liashenko, Yakiv Oleksandrovych Article 1437932970 -954436957
2011 A structure and physical properties of Ni films in metastabile ststes Ryabtsev, S.I.; Gusevik, P.S.; Bashev, V.F.; Dotsenko, F.F.; Gudzenko, V.N.; Evdokimov, P.A. Conference Papers -118681485 -1468261364
2011 A study of inelastic electron-phonon interaction on tunneling magnetoresistance in polyacetylene Roknabadi, M.R.; Pahlevane, M.; Modorresi, M. Conference Papers 866615292 -684816107