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2019Uniform and nonuniform precession of a nanoparticle with finite anisotropy in a liquid: Opportunities and limitations for magnetic fluid hyperthermiaLiutyi, Taras Volodymyrovych; Hryshko, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Yakovenko, M.Yu.Article4819
2018Educational recources of the modern universityBazyl, Olena Oleksandrivna; Kravchenko, Yuliia Anatoliivna; Nefedchenko, Oksana IllivnaArticle3915
2018Устройство вычисления числа двоичных единицKulyk, Ihor Anatoliiovych; Бугайов, А.А.Theses203
2018The Response of an Uniaxial Ferromagnetic Nanoparticle to a Spinpolarized CurrentLiutyi, Taras Volodymyrovych; Krekshyn, D.M.Theses266
2018Influence of Spin-polarized Current on Spin Waves in FerromagnetsDenysov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Shchotkin, V.V.Theses198
2018Solution of Сombinatorial Problems by the Method of Random Search Based on Factorial NumbersHoriachev, Oleksii Yevheniiovych; Moschna I.B., I.B.Theses125
2018Calculation of the Stability of the Fiber Ring Laser with Liquid Crystal Polarization ControllersHnatenko, О.S.; Obozna, V.P.Theses194
2018Investigation of Ordered Structures Formed on the Surface of Piezoceramic ElementsBondarenko, I.I.; Medianyk, V.V.; Bondarenko, М.А.; Titarenko, V.S.Theses146
2018Minimal Set of Equations for Drift of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles Induced by Magnetic Fields in FluidsDenysov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Liutyi, Taras Volodymyrovych; Kvasnina, O.V.; Yermolenko, A.S.Theses137
2018Temperature Dependence of the Drift Velocity of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles in Viscous FluidsDenysov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Yermolenko, A.S.; Bosenko, V.S.Theses207
2018Energy Spectrum of a Particle in an Infinitely Deep Potential Well with a Non-flat BottomDenysov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Husachenko, A.V.; Ryzhkov, O.S.Theses126
2018Анализ современных подходов прогнозирования потребления электрической энергииАбдилдаева, А.А.; Drozdenko, Oleksii Oleksandrovych; Koplyk, Ihor Volodymyrovych; Marynych, Tetiana Oleksandrivna; Галиева, Ф.М.Theses218
2018Розробка інформаційної системи контролю обігу медичних препаратів на базі технології блокчейнMarchenko, Ihor Oleksandrovych; Petrov, Serhii OleksandrovychTheses1818
2018Master Equation for a Localized Particle Driven by Poisson White NoiseDenysov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Bohopolskyi, V.M.; Shypilov, N.E.Theses217
2018A new type of (TiZrNbTaHf)N/MoN nanocomposite coating: Microstructure and properties depending on energy of incident ionsBahdasarian, Artem Anatoliiovych; Pshyk, A.V.; Coy, L.E.; Konarski, P; Misnik, M; Ivashchenko, V.I.; Kempinski, M; Mediukh, N.R.; Beresnev, V.M.; Jurga, S; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr DmytrovychArticle1216
2018Features of Investigations of Multilayer Nitride Coatings Based on Cr and ZrMaksakova, Olga Vasylivna; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Beresnev, V.M.Article3114
2018Experimental and theoretical studies of the physicochemical and mechanical properties of multi-layered TiN/SiC films: Temperature effects on the nanocomposite structurePohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Ivashchenko, V.I.; Skrynskyy, P.L.; Konarski, P.; Bondar, Oleksandr Viacheslavovych; Zaleski, Karol; Jurga, Stefan; Coy, EmersonArticle1428
2018Structural and mechanical characterization of (TiZrNbHfTa)N/WN multilayered nitride coatingsBahdasarian, Artem Anatoliiovych; Pshyk, A.V.; Coy, L.E.; Kempinski, M.; Pohrebniak, Oleksandr Dmytrovych; Beresnev, V.M.; Jurga, S.Article2118
2018Energy dissipation of rigid dipoles in a viscous fluid under the action of a time-periodic field: The influence of thermal bath and dipole interactionLiutyi, Taras Volodymyrovych; Lyutyy, Taras Volodymyrovych; Reva, Vladyslav ValeriiovychArticle148
2018Temperature effects on drift of suspended single-domain particles induced by the Magnus forceDenysov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Denisov, Stanislav Ivanovych; Liutyi, Taras Volodymyrovych; Lyutyy, Taras Volodymyrovych; Reva, Vladyslav Valeriiovych; Єрмоленко, Андрій Сергійович; Ермоленко, Андрей Сергеевич; Yermolenko, Andrii SeriyovychArticle184