Журнал нано- та електронної фізики (Journal of nano- and electronic physics) : [2009]

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2019Spin-orbit Splitting of Valence Band in Silicon Whiskers under StrainDruzhinin, A.; Ostrovskii, I.; Khoverko, Yu.; Liakh-Kaguy, N.Article188
2019The Concentration Measurements of Tellurium Donor Impurity in Lamellar Bismuth Samples by the Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry MethodMatveev, D.Yu.; Starov, D.V.Article113
2019Interrelation between Pyroelectricity and Residual Polarization in Thin Films of a Ferroelectric Polymer with Nanoscale StructureFedosov, S.N.; Sergeeva, A.E.Article209
2019Lattice Mechanical Properties of Alkaline Earth Metals Calcium and StrontiumPatel, H.; Kumar, P.; Bhatt, N.K.; Vyas, P.R.; Gohel, V.B.Article146
2019Переходы, индуцированные взаимно коррелированными гауссовскими белыми шумами: метод эффективного потенциалаVitrenko, Andrii MykolaiovychArticle118
2019Investigation of Optical and Pyroelectric Properties of Lithium Niobate Single Crystals Caused by Metal Ions DiffusionYakhnevych, U.V.; Suchaneck, G.; Eydam, A.; Sugak, D.Yu.; Syvorotka, I.І.; Haiduchok, V.G.; Buryy, O.A.; Ubizskii, S.B.; Gerlach, G.Article206
2019CdZnO Coated Thin Films: Application for Energy Conversion DevicesZargar, R.A.; Shah, A.H.; Reshi, H.A.; Arora, M.; Mir, F.A.Article104
2019Systematic Investigations on the Effect of Divalent Metal Ions (Mg2+ and Zn2+) Substitution on Nanocrystalline Manganese FerritesVasuki, G.; Balu, T.Article129
2019Sol-gel Synthesis and Structural Properties of Cu Doped ZnO NanoparticlesSamanta, P.K.; Das, M.; Rana, N.K.Article2317
2019Electrical Transport Properties of Liquid Li1 – xNax AlloysMalan, R.C.; Vora, A.M.Article27109
2019Simulation Study of Field-effect Transistor Based Cylindrical Silicon Nanowire Biosensor: Effect of Length and Radius of the NanowirePawar, A.V.; Kanapally, S.S..; Chougule, A.P.; Waifalkar, P.P.; More, K.V.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D.Article1817
2019Modelling of Vibration Sensor Based on Bimorph StructureMalinkovich, M.D.; Kubasov, I.V.; Kislyuk, A.M.; Turutin, A.V.; Bykov, A.S.; Kiselev, D.A.; Temirov, A.A.; Zhukov, R.N.; Sobolev, N.A.; Teixeira, B.M.S.; Parkhomenko, Yu.N.Article717
2019Interface Interaction as a Factor of Dielectric Properties of Epoxy-based Composites with Graphite NanoplateletsYakovenko, O.S.; Matzui, L.Yu.; Perets, Yu.S.; Vovchenko, L.L.; Klepko, V.V.; Lobko, Ye.V.Article94
2019Wavelet Decomposition for Diagnosing the Technical State of the Engine Automatic Control SystemsTovkach, S.S.Article103
2019The Influence of Layer Thickness and Deposition Conditions on Structural State of NbN/Cu Multilayer CoatingsSobol, O.V.; Andreev, A.A.; Meylekhov, A.A.; Postelnyk, А.А.; Stolbovoy, V.A.; Ryshchenko, I.M.; Sagaidashnikov, Yu.Ye.; Kraievska, Zh.V.Article1311
2019Effect of Strong Correlations on the Spin-polarized Electronic Energy Bands of the CdMnTe Solid SolutionSyrotyuk, S.V.; Malyk, O.P.Article74
2019Effect of BiScO3 Additive on the Structure and Electrical Properties of the Y2O3-ZrO2-SrTiO3 SystemSudzhanskaya, I.V.; Yaprintsev, M.N.; Nekrasova, Yu.S.; Beresnev, V.M.; Vasilev, A.N.Article147
2019Relativistic Correction of the Field Emission Current in the Fowler-Nordheim FormalismPasko, Olha Oleksandrivna; Lebedynskyi, S.O.; Kholodov, R.I.Article98
2019The Simultaneous Impacts of the p nc-SiOx:H Window Layer Band Gap and the Back Reflection on the Performances of a-Si:H Based Solar CellsAbbas, Belfar; Mohammed, Belmekki; Ferroudja, Hammour; Hocine, Ait-KaciArticle43
2019Calculation of Electron Mobility for the Strained Germanium NanofilmLuniov, S.V.Article64