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2022 Quenching Effect on Mechanical Properties of In2Se2.7Sb0.3 Single Crystal Piyush, J. Patel; Sandip, M. Vyas; Vimal, A. Patel; Himanshu, P.; Ravi, V.; Maunik, P. Jani Article 544070 253793
2022 Electrochemical Behavior of Pristine Mn2O3 Efficient Electrodes by Inexpensive Potentiostatic Electrodeposition Technique Pawar, S.G.; Chanmal, C.V.; Bandgar, S.S.; Mulik, R.N.; Desai, P.A.; Admuthe, A.A.; Dhole, I.A. Article 296693458 127143211
2022 Improvement Analysis of Leakage Currents with Stacked High-k/Metal Gate in 10 nm Strained Channel HOI FinFET Payal, K.; Swagat, N.; Priyanka, S.; Rudra, S.D. Article 8942021 8078545
2022 Effect of Channel Material on the Performance Parameters of GAA MOSFET Jeevanarao, B.; Rudra, S.D. Article 537651 563328
2022 Method of Measurements of Relative Permittivity and Dielectric Loss Tangent of Micropowders in a Wide Frequency Range Dumik, A.O.; Kalenyuk, A.A.; Moskaliuk, V.O.; Shapovalov, A.P.; Futimsky, S.I.; Turutanov, O.G.; Lyakhno, V.Yu. Article 223879 85510
2022 Highly Selective Behavior of Thin Film ZnO Based Homojunction Photodetector for UV Sensing Lucky, A.; Sambasiva Rao, K.; Ravi, P.D. Article 99764 88877
2022 The Effect of Channel Variation for Long Channel GaAs Junctionless Gate-All-Around Transistor Faidzal Rasol, M.; Ainun, T.; Fatimah, H.; Zaharah, J.; Mastura, S.Z.A.; Rashidah, A.; Munawar, A. Riyadi Article 1921405 848536
2022 Effect of the Conduction Band Offset on the Performance of GaAs/AlxGa1 – xAs Resonant Tunneling Diode Charmi, M. Article 65949 52925
2022 Rapid Wet Chemical Synthesis of Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) Nanoparticles: Effect of Precursor Concentration Sachin, S. Sawant; Chandrashekhar, M. Mahajan Article 25190094 36021432
2022 Influence of Sulfur Incorporation on the Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Chemically Deposited ZnSe Thin Films Mir, T.A.H.; Patil, D.S.; Sonawane, B.K. Article 48201 34685
2022 Room and High-Temperature Study of Rare Earth Chalcogenides Purvee, B.; Neetu, P.; Ramakant, B.; Pankaj, K.M.; Jyoti, M.; Ranjeet, B. Article 245574 123270
2022 Electrical Study of Au/GaN/GaAs (100) Structures as a Function of Frequency Benamara, A.M.; Kacha, A.H.; Talbi, A.; Akkal, B.; Benamara, Z.; Belarouci, S. Article 33087 24149
2022 Numerical Study of the Temperature Dependence of CZTS-Based Thin Film Solar Cell Abd, Elhalim Benzetta; Mahfoud, Abderrezek; Mohammed, Elamine Djeghlal Article 23916489 17240801
2022 Modelling and Implementation of Double Gate n-channel FET with Strain Engineered Tri-Layered Channel System for Enriched Drain Current Kuleen, Kumar; Rudra, Sankar Dhar; Swagat, Nanda Article 844615 996762
2022 Characterization of Aluminum Gallium Arsenide (AlxGa1 – xAs) Semiconductors Using MATLAB Abdelkrim, Mostefai Article 21338982 5478487
2022 Effect of Deposition of Submonolayer Cs Coatings on the Density of Electronic States and Energy Band Parameters of CoSi2/Si(111) Umirzakov, B.E.; Bekpulatov, I.R.; Turapov, I.Kh.; Igamov, B.D. Article 207652 76585
2022 Characterization of Magnesium/Barium Aluminates Spinel Synthesized by Sol-Gel Auto-Combustion Method Mahi, K.; Mostefa, R. Article 6066671 2292697
2022 Square RR Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna for ISM Band Applications Pronami, Bora; Pardhasaradhi, P.; Madhav, B.T.P. Article 20178 39189
2022 A Comparative Theoretical Study of ZnO and BeO Oxides in Terms of Electronic Properties Benkrima, Y.; Souigat, A.; Chaouche, Y.; Soudani, M.E.; Korichi, Z.; Slimani, D.; Mahdadi, N. Article 4806781 828658
2022 Thermal Properties of EuO, DyO and GdO Compounds Uma, Shankar Sharma; Pankaj, Kumar Mishra; Jyoti, Mishra; Ranjeet, Brajpuriya Article 4840397 545271