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2021 Synthesis and Characterization of Ecofriendly and Biodegradable Soy Protein Isolate Film Singh, C.; Sharma, P.; Bagaria, A. Article 126 127
2021 Electrical Properties and Magnetic Field Dependent I-V Characteristics of Nanocrystalline Cobalt Doped Nickel Ferrite Ghosh, P.; Mitra, P. Article 118 120
2021 Nanoparticle Self-assembly at Liquid-liquid Interface Akash, Mishra; Sunita, Srivastava Article 90 91
2021 Annealing Induced Red Shift in the Absorption Edge of TiO2 Films Prepared by Sol-gel Technique Kamakhya, Prakash Misra; Saikat, Chattopadhyay; Deepal, Dey; Prarbdh, Bhatt; Nilanjan, Halder Article 72 73
2021 Visual Naked Eye Colorimetric Determination of Phorate Pesticide Using Nanotechnology Rajat, Singh; Naveen, Kumar Article 57 58
2021 Design and Comparative Analysis of Compact Bioinspired Leaf-shaped Antenna Using Different Substrate Material for UWB and X-band Applications Ushaben, Keshwala; Sanyog, Rawat; Kanad, Ray Article 50 50
2021 Designing of Triple Band Octagonal Ring Antenna for Flexible and Wearable Application Vijay, S.K.; Ahmad, B.H.; Rawat, S.; Ray, K. Article 73 74
2021 3D FDM Printable Polymer Composites and Polymer Nanocomposites: State of the Art Akash, Ahlawat; Ravinder, Kumar Sahde; Gupta, R.K.; Deepak, Chhabra Article 125 126
2021 Influence of Fine Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Compressive Strength of Concrete – a State of Art Review Vaibhav, Jain; Gaurav, Sancheti; Bhupesh, Jain Article 53 54
2021 Simulation of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Silver Nanoparticles with Graphene Coating Utilizing Maxwell-Garnett Theory Kavita, ; Verma, R.K. Article 89 90
2021 Single Electron Transistor Based Current Mirror: Modelling and Performance Characterization Vidhate, Ashok.D.; Suman, Shruti Article 62 65
2021 Study of the Effect of Selenium Doping on the Geometries and Electronic Characteristics of Germanium Clusters (SeGen, n = 1-20) Using DFT Calculations Zitouni, I.; Aiadi, K.E.; Bentouila, O.; Benaida, M.; Ayat, Z. Article 104 99
2021 Investigation of High-K Gate Dielectrics and Chirality on the Performance of Nanoscale CNTFET Renuka Devi, L.; Arumugam, N.; Jayanthi, J.E.; Arun Samuel, T.S.; Ananth Kumar, T. Article 82 83
2021 Computer Simulation of Adsorption of Fullerene on Graphene Ulukmuradov, A.; Yadgarov, I.; Stelmakh, V.; Umarov, F. Article 75 76
2021 A Small Ultra-wideband Circular Patch Antenna with Band-notched Characteristic Aguni, L.; Chabaa, S.; Ibnyaich, S.; Zeroual, A. Article 51 52
2021 Surface Modification of Grey Cast Iron by Pulsed-plasma Deposition and Subsequent Laser Beam Melting Chabak, Yu.G.; Efremenko, V.G.; Fedun, V.I.; Petryshynets, I.; Pastukhova, T.V.; Efremenko, B.V.; Kromka, F.; Tsvetkova, E.V. Article 60 57
2021 Performance Assessment of a New Gaussian-doped Junctionless ISFET: A Numerical Study Khadidja, Dibi; Zohir, Dibi; Ahmed, Bouridane Article 59 58
2021 Effect of Confined Phonons on Temperature Renormalization of Spectral Characteristics of Quantum Cascade Detector Operating in Far Infrared Range Seti, Ju.O.; Tkach, M.V.; Vereshko, E.Ju. Article 46 47
2021 On one Approach to Control the Dynamic Properties of a Cylindrical Piezoceramic Acoustoelectronic Device with Single-frequency Resonant Excitation Leiko, O.H.; Bogdanova, N.V.; Bogdanov, O.V.; Leiko, A.O.; Harmash, O.V. Article 21 23
2021 Gain Enhancement of Applied Micro Patch Antenna in Telemedicine Applications by Changing the Calculation of the Geometry Fatemeh, Lotfi; Hamidreza, Shirzadfar; Omidreza, Bagheri Article 91 92