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2016Влияние броуновской диффузии на объемную магнитную силу в магнитных жидкостяхБаштовой, В.Г.; Рекс, А.Г.; Климович, С.В.; Полунин, В.М.; Ряполов, П.А.Article2114
2016Thickness Calculation of Thin Transparent Conductive Membrane on the Border with a Magnetic FluidChekanov, V.V.; Kandaurova, N.V.; Chekanov, V.S.Article3437
2015Calculation of the Membrane Thickness of Magnetite Nanoparticles on the Surface of the Transparent Conductive Electrode in the Electric FieldChekanov, V.V.; Kandaurova, N.V.; Chekanov, V.S.Article2922
2015Extinction and Scattering of Light by Magnetic Colloidal NanoparticlesYerin, C.V.Article1725
2015The Analysis of the Structural Parameters of Magnetic Fluids with SAXS and MGA TechniquesRyapolov, P.A.; Polunin, V.M.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Emelianov, S.G.; Orlov, E.Y.; Chekadanov, A.S.Article3134
2015The Results of Research of Magnetic Fluid Nanoparticles by Microscopy and X-ray MethodsStorozhenko, A.M.; Shabanova, I.A.; Tantsyura, A.O.Article1619
2014Physics of Hermetic Sealing of Large Portion of Gas Using Magnetic Fluid MembranePolunin, V.M.; Chervyakov, L.M.; Schabanova, I.A.; Ryapolov, P.A.; Myo Min Tang; Lobova, O.V.; Paukov, V.М.Article18476
2014Stability of Magnetic Fluids in Magnetic FieldsArefyev, I.M.; Arefyeva, T.A.Article9165
2014Restriction of Helmholtz ModelPolunin, V.M.; Emelyanov, S.G.; Schabanova, I.A.; Ryapolov, P.A.; Myo Min Tan; Karpova, G.V.; Aksenova, T.I.Article192115
2014Determination of Polydispersity of Magnetics Colloidal Nanopaticles by Optical Methods: Birefringence and Light Scattering ExperimentsYerin, C.V.Article13986
2014The Effect of Interface Tension on Forced Oscillations of Elongated Microdroplet Aggregates in Magnetic FluidsDrozdova, V.I.; Shagrova, G.V.; Romanenko, M.G.Article14368
2013Influence of Mass Transfer Processes on Couette Flow of Magnetic FluidBashtovoi, V.G.; Pogirnitskaya, S.G.; Kuzhir, R.; Polunin, V.M.; Ryapolov, P.A.; Shabanova, I.A.; Storozhenko, A.M.Article13897
2013Fluctuations of the Solitary Bubble at the Separation from the Air Cavity, Compressed by the Magnetic Field in Magnetic LiquidBoev, M.L.; Polunin, V.M.; Lobova, O.V.; Shabanova, I.A.; Chervjakov, L.M.; Ryapolov, A.N.Article175137
2013From the Dynamic Demagnitizing Factor to the Heat Capacity of a Nanodispersed Magnetic FluidEmelyanov, S.G.; Polunin, V.M.; Tantsyura, A.O.; Storozhenko, A.M.; Ryapolov, P.A.Article173137
2013Colloidal Stability and Thermal Stability of Magnetic FluidsArefyev, I.M.; Arefyeva, T.A.; Kazakov, Yu.B.Article11376
2013Influence of Brownian Diffusion on Levitation of Bodies in Magnetic FluidBashtovoi, V.; Reks, A.; Klimovich, S.; Motsar, A.; Ryapolov, P.; Storozhenko, A.; Shabanova, I.Article16094
2013Fundamental Research of Physics of Magnetic Nanodispersed Fluids as Hardware DampersKovarda, V.V.Article144103