Сумський історико-архівний журнал [234]

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2015 Archiv alsources about V . Chornovil that are stored in the central state archive of public organizations of Ukraine Derevinskyi, V.F. Article 2717054 2474
2020 Archives and politics in Ukraine of the XX-XXI centuries Ignatusha, O.M. Article 3424873 2221644
2016 Bukovyna during Bohdan Khmelnytskyi’s campaigns in Moldova of 1650-1653: military and political dimension Balukh, O.V. Article 19062 873
2020 Clay toys of Early Modern times (on the materials of Poltava city) Kotenko, V.V.; Puholovok, Yu.O. Article 170909 185018
2016 Correspondence between the academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: materials to the history of latitude investigations Pryn, M.O.; Pryn, O.V.; Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych Article 1581587 1076914
2015 Correspondence Between the Academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: Materials to the Historyof Latitude Investigations Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych; Pryn, M.O.; Pryn, O.V. Article 96005 50245
2021 Cпоруда XVII століття з городища Волинцеве у середній течії річки Сейм Осадчий, Є.М. Article 1109 2316
2019 "Dobosh Case": the Biggest Failure of ZCH OUN Security Services in Resistance to KGB Apparatus Antoniuk, Y.M. Article 11465 12072
2020 The documentary evidence of the deportation of Germans from the territory of Stanislav Region of Ukraine (1946) Haliv, M.D.; Ohar, A.O. Article 37207 37263
2015 Friends, family and kinshipties in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Zariczniak, L. Article 4653703 2044671
2020 Historical Heroes of modern Ukrainian Students Kamionka, M. Article 117081 117161
2017 Jewish pogroms in the South of Ukraine in the First Russian Revolution Tokalenko, P.O. Article 974697 228
2019 New Edition on Historical Urbanistics of Donbas Korol, Vitalii Mykolaiovych Review 2377 2027
2020 Not only foreign affairs: U.S. Department of State’ cultural policy during Cold war Klynina, T.S. Article 59783 34926
2010 Povijest Ukrajine. Sazeta Ukrajine i ukrajinskog naroda od najstarijih vremena do Narancaste revolucije 2004. godine / Urednici: Duro Vidmarovic, Sergej Burda. Hrvatsko-Ukrajinsko drustvo. - Zagreb, 2009. - 380 s. Vlasenko, Valerii Mykolaiovych Review 8985324 3214120
2021 Territorial claims of Armenia to the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918-1920 Ganbarova, S. Article 37491 75108
2018 The Polish-Ukrainian Conflict in the Carpathian Area of OUN (1943-1945) Ilnytsky, V. Article 5215 1181
2015 Topical issues of the history of civil officialdom in Ukraine at the end of the eighteenth – the firsthalf of the nineteenth centuries Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych Article 181359 97515
2016 Ukraine 1943-1944: decisions during the retreat of the german administration and army Johannes, S. Article 206036 384493
2020 The unknown document on the struggle of the soviet power bodies against the OUN of the Melnykivskyi direction on the Chernivtsi region (16 may 1947) Ilnytskyi, V.I.; Kantor, N.J. Article 9780 8520