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2015 Archiv alsources about V . Chornovil that are stored in the central state archive of public organizations of Ukraine Derevinskyi, V.F. Article 1305425873 1515889816
2020 Archives and politics in Ukraine of the XX-XXI centuries Ignatusha, O.M. Article -1477871624 -922823248
2016 Bukovyna during Bohdan Khmelnytskyi’s campaigns in Moldova of 1650-1653: military and political dimension Balukh, O.V. Article 51829647 112567419
2020 Clay toys of Early Modern times (on the materials of Poltava city) Kotenko, V.V.; Puholovok, Yu.O. Article -1058594195 -1628112322
2016 Correspondence between the academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: materials to the history of latitude investigations Pryn, M.O.; Pryn, O.V.; Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych Article 1150958664 -386998188
2015 Correspondence Between the Academician Evgeny Fedorov and Tsou Yi-Hsin: Materials to the Historyof Latitude Investigations Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych; Pryn, M.O.; Pryn, O.V. Article -406113327 -111984174
2021 Cпоруда XVII століття з городища Волинцеве у середній течії річки Сейм Осадчий, Є.М. Article 2039669484 874906291
2019 "Dobosh Case": the Biggest Failure of ZCH OUN Security Services in Resistance to KGB Apparatus Antoniuk, Y.M. Article -6660609 -1351634927
2020 The documentary evidence of the deportation of Germans from the territory of Stanislav Region of Ukraine (1946) Haliv, M.D.; Ohar, A.O. Article 1747172733 619805833
2015 Friends, family and kinshipties in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Zariczniak, L. Article 1979366733 -288815336
2020 Historical Heroes of modern Ukrainian Students Kamionka, Mateush Article 1871434049 -1540923691
2017 Jewish pogroms in the South of Ukraine in the First Russian Revolution Tokalenko, P.O. Article -1340102559 2001915728
2019 New Edition on Historical Urbanistics of Donbas Korol, Vitalii Mykolaiovych Review -578915036 -2038858257
2020 Not only foreign affairs: U.S. Department of State’ cultural policy during Cold war Klynina, T.S. Article -1236588585 -1396664187
2010 Povijest Ukrajine. Sazeta Ukrajine i ukrajinskog naroda od najstarijih vremena do Narancaste revolucije 2004. godine / Urednici: Duro Vidmarovic, Sergej Burda. Hrvatsko-Ukrajinsko drustvo. - Zagreb, 2009. - 380 s. Vlasenko, Valerii Mykolaiovych Review 1168537439 1958582360
2021 Territorial claims of Armenia to the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1918-1920 Ganbarova, S. Article 1481536402 370054088
2018 The Polish-Ukrainian Conflict in the Carpathian Area of OUN (1943-1945) Ilnytsky, V. Article -1017182225 1485937969
2015 Topical issues of the history of civil officialdom in Ukraine at the end of the eighteenth – the firsthalf of the nineteenth centuries Dehtiarov, Serhii Ivanovych Article 1985684144 560099678
2016 Ukraine 1943-1944: decisions during the retreat of the german administration and army Johannes, S. Article -1433479441 166346566
2020 The unknown document on the struggle of the soviet power bodies against the OUN of the Melnykivskyi direction on the Chernivtsi region (16 may 1947) Ilnytskyi, V.I.; Kantor, N.J. Article -2012232220 608993708