Наукові видання (ФПКВ) [161]

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2012 Electronic means of teaching students project activities Kupenko, Olena Volodymyrivna; Ternovaya, Anastasia Conference Papers 1943384642 485748620
2013 Feedback in a distance course Mulina, Nataliia Ihorivna Conference Papers 364230864 2125919286
2014 Improving the quality of educational content by means of the complex of open social resources Zuban, Y.O.; Lavryk, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 6183405 -1521898406
2012 Interdepartmental graduation work as the basis of teamwork and interaction for students and teachers of different specialties Piven, Andrii Hryhorovych; Vaskin, Roman Anatoliiovych Conference Papers 1541730352 -1192595428
2012 IT-забезпечення наукової та навчальної діяльності Сумського державного університету Liubchak, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Conference Papers 506660588 -1509172328
2012 Lifelong learning on the basis of distance technologies in Ukraine Derykolenko, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Conference Papers -733480405 -277301288
2012 Methodological basis of remote learning Bozhkova, Viktoriia Viktorivna Conference Papers 1870437230 2092804153
2013 Mobile information and communication technology of training Tkachuk, V.V. Conference Papers -328843596 1312553754
2012 Modern technologies for learning content creation Berest, Oleh Borysovych Conference Papers 1431686923 1562417401
2012 New approaches to teaching english to graduate students Mulina, Nataliia Ihorivna Conference Papers -77300181 1365713618
2012 Open educational resources: some usage aspects Lavryk, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Saharova, N. Conference Papers -1118873144 816338859
2013 Social factors of distance learning: adopted from the experience of distance learning implementation in Poltava University of Economics and Trade Artemenko, V.M. Conference Papers 982968086 -473253661
2013 Some aspects of the distance course "Engineering and computer graphics" in "Electronics" Shvets, Y.; Kiselev, E. Conference Papers -1251244948 -746809687
2012 Swedish distance higher education development Ageicheva, A.; Severyn, O. Conference Papers 299928528 -1918440125
2013 Technology of e-labs development in lifelong learning Zharkykh, Y.S.; Lysochenko, S.V.; Sus, B.B.; Tretyak, O.V. Conference Papers -803948861 -1475672165
2012 The experience of using of electronic educational means in teaching of natural disciplines at the pre-university stage of foreign students training Yakovenko, Victoria Conference Papers -45880034 -1418714842
2012 Thinking, feeling, and creating presence in the online environment Rosemary, M. Lehman; Simone, C.O. Conference Papers -1605751017 -1969354213
2012 Three strategies for increasing autonomy and decreasing isolation online Kostina, M.V. Conference Papers 1540086600 1565012434
2012 Three-component digital environment for life long learning support Voychenko, O. Conference Papers 1161111958 -1642244535
2014 Translation vs distance learning Baranova, Svitlana Volodymyrivna Conference Papers -1144150381 -29350002