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2019Ritz Variational Method for the Flexural Analysis of Rectangular Kirchhoff Plate on Winkler FoundationIke, C.C.Article7623
2019Experiment of Polylactic Acid as a Material for Candle Molding on Origami-Shaped Crash Box PatternsKusyairi, I.; Himawan, H.M.; Choiron, M.A.; Irawan, Y.S.Article9226
2019Influences of Aluminium / E-Glass Volume Fraction on Flexural and Impact Behaviour of GLARE Hybrid CompositesSanthosh, M.S.; Sasikumar, R.Article10653
2019Analysis of the Methodology of Constructing a Production Function Using Quality CriteriaSkrynkovskyy, R.M.; Yuzevych, V.M.; Kataev, A.V.; Pawlowski, G.; Protsiuk, T.B.Article8629
2019Increased Wear Coatings due Intrastructural Self-CorrectionBabak, V.P.; Bilchuk, Ye.Yu.; Shchepetov, V.V.Article6914
2019Improved Response Performance of Two-Phase Hybrid Stepping Motor Control Using PID Tuned Outer and Inner Loop CompensatorsOnyeka, E.B.; Chidiebere, M.; Nkiruka, A.P.Article6029
2019Solving the Nonstationary Problem of the Disperse Phase Concentration during the Pneumoclassification Process of Mechanical MixturesPavlenko, Ivan Volodymyrovych; Yukhymenko, Mykola Petrovych; Lytvynenko, Andrii Volodymyrovych; Bocko, J.Article5711
2019Compression Ignition Engine Performance as a Function of the Fuel PropertiesTowoju, O.A.; Jekayinfa, S.O.Article8421
2019Numerical Investigation of the Concave-Cut Baffles Effect in Shell-and-Tube Heat ExchangerPetinrin, M.O.; Dare, A.A.Article5123
2019Comparison between PID and Artificial Neural Networks to Control of Boiler for Steam Power PlantSalim, H.; Sultan, Kh.F.; Jawad, R.Article7857
2019Increasing the Speed of Fractal Image Compression Using Two-Dimensional Approximating TransformationsMaydaniuk, V.P.; Arseniuk, I.R.; Lishchuk, O.O.Article4921
2019Computer-Aided Design of Prophylactic Metal Reinforcement of the Proximal FemurSavielieva, O.; Starushkevych, T.; Matveev, A.Article415
2019Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Extracted Using ProteusShameran, J.S.; Sewgil, S.A.; Awara, Kh.S.Article1611
2019Numerical Study of the Effect of Changing Tube Pitches on Heat and Flow Characteristics from Tube Bundles in Cross FlowPetinrin, M.O.; Towoju, O.A.; Ajiboye, S.A.; Zebulun, O.E.Article1440
2019Braking Pattern Impact on Brake Fade in an Automobile Brake SystemTowoju, O.A.Article123
2019Advancement of Fault Diagnosis and Detection Process in Industrial Machine EnvironmentAltaf, S.; Mehmood, M.S.; Soomro, M.W.Article1514
2019Influence of an Inlet Rotating Axial Device on the Cavitation Processes in a Low Specific Speed Centrifugal PumpMoloshnyi, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych; Sotnyk, Mykola Ivanovych; Szulc, P.Article217
2019Study of a Welding Pool Harmonic Oscillations Influence on the Welded Metal Hardness and Weld Bead WidthLebedev, V.A.; Solomiichuk, T.G.; Novykov, S.V.Article2517
2019Improvement of the Vacuum Cooling System for Biodiesel ProductionSharapov, Serhii Olehovych; Panchenko, Vitalii Oleksandrovych; Starchenko, M.; Protsenko, M.; Kovtun, V.Article238
2019Hydrodynamics of a Liquid Film Downflow on a Flat Surface in Evaporation Conditions into a Flow of Neutral GasLukashov, Volodymyr Kostiantynovych; Tymofiiv, Serhii Vladyslavovych; Kostiuchenko, Y.V.Article1815