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Title Державне регулювання розвитку сільськогосподарської обслуговуючої кооперації
Authors Churylova, Tetiana Mykolaivna  
Churilova, Tatyana Nikolaevna
Keywords сільськогосподарська обслуговуюча кооперація
сельскохозяйственная обслуживающая кооперация
agricultural service cooperatives
державне регулювання
государственное регулирование
government regulation
Type Article
Date of Issue 2013
Publisher Часопис Київського університету права
Citation Чурилова Т.М. Державне регулювання розвитку сільськогосподарської обслуговуючої кооперації / Т. М. Чурилова // Часопис Київського університету права. – 2015. – №4. – С. 262-265
Abstract Досліджуються окремі напрями державної кооперативної політики, особливості державного впливу на обслуговуючу кооперацію в сучасних умовах, стримувальні фактори розвитку кооперації на селі. Обґрунтовується відсутність реального прогнозованого планування державної політики у сфері розбудови сільськогосподарської обслуговуючої кооперації.
Исследуются отдельные направления государственной кооперативной политики, особенности государственного влияния на обслуживающую кооперацию в современных условиях, сдерживающие факторы развития кооперации на селе . Обосновывается отсутствие реального прогнозируемого планирования государственной политики в сфере развития сельскохозяйственной обслуживающей кооперации.
The relevance of the issue to ensure sustainable prospects of food security and to increase the income of agricultural producers does not require any proof nowadays. In fact, the deep social, economical, ecological degradation of agricultural sector in Ukraine is evident. To a certain extent the agrarian crisis is a crisis of organizational structure. The main target of current agricultural policy has to be the development and all-round support of the most effective agricultural model. The model which would meet the realities completely, promote the development of rural areas, preservation and growth of a village human capital, restore the agricultural labor authority. Agricultural cooperatives can play a very important role in the overcoming of the present agrarian crisis and for further agricultural development in Ukraine. The target of our research is individual areas analysis of the state regulation of agricultural service cooperatives activity. One of the main functions of the state regulation of agricultural cooperatives development is formation of “game rules” – the creation of corresponding legal basis for service cooperatives activity in the agricultural sector. Despite the existence of legal basis for the creation and functioning of the agricultural service cooperatives, we cannot say that complex process of legal regulation in this sphere is complete. The economic realities demand an appropriate legal response. The stability and effectiveness of agricultural service cooperatives activity directly depends on the perfection level of cooperative legislation. The next and substantial component of the state regulatory activity is the development processes stimulation of the cooperative movement in the village. Particularly it should be the improvement of state support, fiscal stimulus, resource and technical lending. The analysis of this part of the state regulatory activity gives ground to talk about the unavailability of real predictable state policy planning in the sphere of cooperation development in the village. The financial insecurity of state policy measures creates the diffidence in the prospects of cooperation in cooperative environment and therefore the reduction of the cooperatives total. The organization of educational and informational activity is the important function of the state which is aimed on the growth of the cooperative movement in the village. The underestimation of the problems with formation of the system of information providing for agricultural cooperatives is the authority mistake. Hereby the state regulation activity of cooperative movement growth in the village should consist of such components as creation of adequate legal environment, financial support for cooperative organizations, especially on the stage of their foundation. And finally, the condition of creation and implementation of the state cooperative policy in agriculture and agroindustrial complex, in general, is the beginning of the Complex state program of agricultural cooperation development.
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