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Title: Investing into human capital in eurostrategy conteхt: methodological approach
Authors: Kryvenko, Larysa Volodymyrivna 
Krivenko, S.
Keywords: human development
human development index
human potential investments into human capital
new social and technical combination
computer-human production integration
integral value of higher education
Issue Year: 1999
Citation: Krivenko, L. Investing into human capital in eurostrategy conteхt : methodological approach [Text] / L. Krivenko, S. Krivenco // Materials of the third international scientific conference “The problems of economic integration of Ukraine into the European Union: investment issue”. - Yalta-Phoros. – 1999.
Abstract: The necessity of contemporary methodological approaches in research of Euro-strategy reorientation problems from the rates of the economic growth for the human capital role reinforcement and its investing is grounded. The complex measures on activity advancement of the human potential, as each country searches for qualitatively different strategic position to determine new development aims is offered.
Type: Conference Papers
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