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dc.contributor.authorШкольник, Інна Олександрівна-
dc.contributor.authorШкольник, Инна Александровна-
dc.contributor.authorShkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna-
dc.contributor.authorБричко, Марина Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorБричко, Марина Михайловна-
dc.contributor.authorBrychko, Maryna Mykhailivna-
dc.contributor.authorПахненко, Олена Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorПахненко, Елена Михайловна-
dc.contributor.authorPakhnenko, Olena Mykhailivna-
dc.contributor.authorСеменог, Андрій Юрійович-
dc.contributor.authorСеменог, Андрей Юрьевич-
dc.contributor.authorSemenoh, Andrii Yuriiovych-
dc.contributor.authorКремень, Вікторія Михайлівна-
dc.contributor.authorКремень, Виктория Михайловна-
dc.contributor.authorKremen, Viktoriia Mykhailivna-
dc.identifier.citationIntroduction to finance: theory and practice [Текст]: study guide / I.O. Shkolnyk, M.M. Brychko, O.M. Pakhnenko [et al.]; edited by: I. Shkolnyk, M. Brychko. - Sumy : Sumy State University, 2017. - 275 p. - ISBN 978-966-657-664-7ru_RU
dc.description.abstractThe study guide is intended for students of higher educational institutions of III–IV levels of accreditation (it can be used for studying “Finance”, “Corporate Finance”, and “Financial Analysis”, etc., when writing term papers, theses), for those seeking a qualification in finance and economics. It is also designed to develop skills and core knowledge needed to enter the profession within the finance fields. This study guide provides a wide range of entry points for those who already have diplomas or postgraduate degree in an unrelated to finance field.ru_RU
dc.publisherSumy State Universityru_RU
dc.titleIntroduction to finance: theory and practiceru_RU
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