Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR) [130]

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2019 A Comprehensive Analysis of European Banking Soundness – Theoretical Study Naser, N. Article 997 945
2017 A Discriminant Analysis of Insurance Companies in Ukraine Riashchenko, V.; Kremen, Viktoriia Mykhailivna; Bochkarova, T. Article 110 6
2017 Alternative Finance Business-Models: Online Platforms Rubanov, Pavlo Mykolaiovych; Marcantonio, Alfredo Article 2243 2501
2019 An Assessment of the Relationship Between the Volume and Value of Ict Transin the Nigeactions rian Deposit Money Banks: 2007-2017 Adeyinka, Ad.J.; Daniel, Ad.Ad.; Adeniyi, D.J. Article 23 13
2018 An Evaluation of Financial Management System in Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation an Autonomous Institution, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala Nisa, S.; Kavya, M.S. Article 193 132
2019 Analysis of Shared Value Added in the Poultry Sector: Case of the City of Yaounde Chanceline, B.N. Article 61 89
2017 Ancient Sri Lankan Economic Systems Jayasundera, M. Article 44 14
2018 Artificial Intelligence: Financial Trading and Neurology of Decision Njegovanović, A. Article 1617 1741
2017 Assessment of demand, supply and equilibrium price on the deposit market of Ukraine Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Didenko, Iryna Viktorivna Article 717 529
2020 Assessment of green investment impact on the energy efficiency gap of the national economy Pavlyk, V. Article 15 13
2018 Assessment of institutional conditions of fiscal decentralization in Ukraine Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna; Melnyk, Т.; Mershchii, B. Article 144 8
2019 Asset Pricing Models and Stock Selection Ability of the Indian Mutual Fund Managers: An Empirical Study of Open-ended Growth Equity Schemes Gupta, K. Article 20 2
2020 Banking strategic management and business model: bibliometric analysis Kryvych, Yana Mykolaivna; Goncharenko, T. Article 6 5
2019 Beginning of Consolidation in Indian Banking Sector: Measuring Operating Feasibility against Standard Benchmark: A Case Study of HDFC Bank Acquisition of Centurion Bank of Punjab Sharma, M.; Shukla, S.K. Article 392 327
2019 Behavioral Biases Influencing the Decision Making of Portfolio Managers of Capital Securities and Traders in Morocco Hadbaa, H.; Boutti, R. Article 1889 1913
2019 Big Data & Analytics as a sustainable Customer Loyalty Instrument in Banking and Finance Giebe, C.; Hammerström, L.; Zwerenz, D. Article 125 117
2018 Book review. Application of econometrics in economics Urbina, D.A. Article 18 4
2017 Can banking innovations lead to new financial crisis: case of Central and Eastern Europe Dovha, N.; Boychenko, V. Article 1634 1531
2017 Causal Relationship between Monetary Policy and the Stock Market: a Bootstrap Rolling Window Approach Khan, K.; Qingyang, W.; Khurshid, A. Article 451 383
2020 Causal-Comparative Macroeconomic Behavioral Study: International Corporate Financial Transfer Pricing in the United States Kasztelnik, K. Article 9 8