Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks (FMIR) : [109]

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2019Beginning of Consolidation in Indian Banking Sector: Measuring Operating Feasibility against Standard Benchmark: A Case Study of HDFC Bank Acquisition of Centurion Bank of PunjabSharma, M.; Shukla, S.K.Article2426
2019Impacts of Stock Market Performance on Firms’ Growth: With Reference to South AfricaWeldeslassie, H.; Gouder, S.; Sheik, M.; Booth, R.Article3128
2019The Determinant of Economic Growth Evidence from Benin: Time Series Analysis from 1970 to 2017Marcel, D.T.Am.Article3036
2019Study of Linkages Between Outward Foreign Direct Investment (OFDI) and Domestic Economic Growth: an Indian PerspectiveAgnihotri, An.; Arora, Sh.Article3750
2019Behavioral Biases Influencing the Decision Making of Portfolio Managers of Capital Securities and Traders in MoroccoHadbaa, H.; Boutti, R.Article96136
2019An Assessment of the Relationship Between the Volume and Value of Ict Transin the Nigeactions rian Deposit Money Banks: 2007-2017Adeyinka, Ad.J.; Daniel, Ad.Ad.; Adeniyi, D.J.Article1811
2019Effect of Capital Adequacy, Credit Risk and Operating Efficiency on the performance of Commercial Banks in NigeriaInnocent, Id.Od.; Ademola, Ol.G.; Teryima, T.S.Article41182
2019Nexus Between Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in Malaysia: Supervised Machine Learning ApproachNur-Al-Ahad, Md.; Syeda, N.; Vagavi, P.Article2137
2019Multivariate Analysis of a Time Series EU ETS: Methods and Applications in Carbon FinanceBoutti, R.; Amri, Ad.El; Rodhain, F.Article3225
2019What Can Be the Best Corporate Governance Reform?Tommaso, F.D.; Gulinelli, Ar.Article3138
2019Impact of the Foreign Direct Investment on Economic growth on the Re-public of BeninMarcel, D.T.AmArticle2311
2019Cross Border Acquisition of JLR: A Boon or Pain for Tata MotorsNamita, Ms.; Gupta, Ms.ArzooArticle6464
2019Enhancing the Operational Effectiveness of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies for Sustainable GrowthKowo, Ak.S.; Owotutu, S.Ol.; Adewale, Ad.G.Article187
2019A Comprehensive Analysis of European Banking Soundness – Theoretical StudyNaser, N.Article5266
2019Industrial Policy and Industrial Sector Productivity in NigeriaAkinwale, S.O.; Oludayol, Ad.E.Article245
2019Ownership, Risk and Efficiency in the Banking Sector of the ASEAN CountriesDjalilov, Kh.; Ngoc Lam, T.Article207
2019I Industry Concentration and Asset Quality as Determinate of Financial Performance: A Comparative Study of Indigenous and Foreign Owned Universal BanksGadzo, S.G.; Anaman, Em.At.; Pobbi, M.; Asiamah, S.K.Article2218
2019Analysis of Shared Value Added in the Poultry Sector: Case of the City of YaoundeChanceline, B.N.Article145
2019Theoretical Insight in Financial Decision and Brain as Fractal Computer ArchitectureNjegovanović, An.Article1830
2019The Analysis of Value Added Tax (Vat) to Increasing Government Revenue in EthiopiaSingh, S.N.Article2436