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Title Dynamics patterns of banks evaluations on the basis of Kohonen selforganizing maps
Authors Shkolnyk, Inna Oleksandrivna  
Kozmenko, Serhii Mykolaiovych  
Bukhtiarova, Alina Hennadiivna  
Keywords banks
banking system
economic modeling
pattern of bank
cluster analysis
self-organizing map
банківська система
економічне моделювання
функція бажаності Харрінгтона
кластерний аналіз
карта самоорганізації
структура банку
банковская система
экономическое моделирование
функция желательности Харрингтона
кластерный анализ
карта самоорганизации
структура банка
Type Article
Date of Issue 2016
Publisher LLC “Consulting Publishing Company “Business Perspective"
Citation Kozmenko, S. Dynamics patterns of banks evaluations on the basis of Kohonen self-organizing maps / S. Kozmenko, I. Shkolnyk, A. Bukhtiarova // Banks and Bank Systems. 2016. - Vol. 11, Issue 4-1. - P. 179-192. - doi:10.21511/bbs.11(4-1).2016.09
Abstract In the research, bank patterns analysis is held on the basis of Kohonen self-organizing maps with the aim to determine further directions of bank strategies development under the influence of crisis events in Ukraine’s economy. For model practical approval, the sample of 32 banks was formed, which presents four groups of banks according to the classification determined by the National Bank of Ukraine. While constructing model, 15 indexes were used that characterize bank’s functioning efficiency. As a result of research, cluster ranking was constructed, the groups (powerful banks, stable, problem banks and banks that are in the crisis state and bankrupt state) were formed and the trajectory of bank evolution as a patterns unity, each of which characterizes the activity of bank on a definite moment of time. It gives possibility for the government regulation authority – central bank to take decisions according to the appropriateness use of regulation instruments of separate bank with the aim of saving stable banking system state in a whole, and for the clients – to evaluate bank’s reliability.
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