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2019 Association of MALAT1 rs3200401 gene polymorphism with kidney cancer in Ukrainian population Volkohon, Andrii Dmytrovych; Roshchupkin, Adrian Oleksiiovych; Harbuzova, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Ataman, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Chumachenko, Yaroslav Dmytrovych Article 41 23
2019 Comparative features of open source software products for the development of an automated breast cancer diagnostic program Kovalev, V.; Diachenko, Y.; Malyshev, V.; Rjabceva, S.; Kolomiets, O.; Lyndin, Mykola Serhiiovych; Moskalenko, Roman Andriiovych; Dovbysh, Anatolii Stepanovych; Romaniuk, Anatolii Mykolaiovych Article 249 219
2019 Condition of the uterine cervixduring uncomplicated multiple pregnancy Sukhariev, Anatolii Borysovych; Kopytsia, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Article 41 2
2019 Cytological examination of experimental purulent wounds in the treatment of silver nanoparticles in ultrasound cavitation Myronov, P.F.; Buhaiov, Volodymyr Ivanovych; Tymakova, O.O.; Pohorielov, Maksym Volodymyrovych; Opanasiuk, Anatolii Serhiiovych Article 40 43
2019 Dependence of the activity of the system ofoxidative stress-antioxidant protection oninsulin resistance in patients with essential hypertension and obesity Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna Article 39 1
2019 Effects of type 2 diabetes mellitus on clinical and laboratory status of women with arterial hypertension, obesity, and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction Kyrychenko, Nataliia Mykolaivna; Opolonska, Nataliia Oleksiivna; Степанець, О.В. Article 22 5
2019 Emergency medicine: problems of violence and safety at work Shkatula, Yurii Vasylovych; Badion, Yurii Oleksiiovych; Новіков, М.В.; Khyzhnia, Yaroslava Volodymyrivna Article 18 1
2019 Features of localization of brain tumors with different histological structure Potapov, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych; Kmyta, Oleksii Petrovych; Циндренко, О.О.; Дмитренко, Н.О.; Дудка, І.Г.; Прокопчук, А.А. Article 91 30
2020 Health system reform in Ukraine and foreign experience of financing models Yusiuk, Maksym Yuriiovych; Yusiuk, A.M.; Yusiuk, L.A. Article 6 1
2019 Hyperuricemia as a risk factor of arterial hypertension Kovalenko, Yevhen Leonidovych; Melekhovets, Oksana Kostiantynivna; Orlovskyi, Viktor Feliksovych; Melekhovets, Yurii Volodymyrovych Article 150 93
2019 Influence of different infusion therapy modes on the development of postoperative pulmonary complications in patients with mediumand high surgical risk with acute abdominal pathology Kravets, O.V. Article 27 1
2020 Intravenous laser therapy in a comprehen sive approach to the correction of risk factors of art erial hypertension Kovalenko, Yevhen Leonidovych; Melekhovets, Oksana Kostiantynivna Article 5 6
2020 Levels of systemic inflammatory response markers in patients with pulmonary hypertension and COPD Fushtey, I.M.; Nikolaieva, K.L.; Sid', E.V. Article 3 1
2019 Localization and histological structure of spinal cord tumors in patients in Sumy region Potapov, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych; Kmyta, Oleksii Petrovych; Tsyndrenko, O.O.; Dmytrenko, N.O.; Kolomiets, E.V.; Pokhmura, V.V.; Khavro, M.P.; Bereznyi, T.V. Article 67 49
2020 Modern treatment methods of the localized inflammatory response in acute cerebral ischemia Lychko, Volodymyr Stanislavovych Article 4 1
2019 Molecular aspectsof the bone metastastases developmentinprostate cancer Piddubnyi, Artem Mykhailovych; Moskalenko, Roman Andriiovych Article 104 111
2019 Particularities of metabolic indicators inpatients with arterial hypertension and concomitant obesity depending on adiponectin gene polymorphism Kochuieva, M.; Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna Article 70 3
2019 Pathogenetic particularities of the road traffic injuries of the presen Гур’єв, C.O.; Duzhyi, Ihor Dmytrovych; Shkatula, Yurii Vasylovych; Badion, Yurii Oleksiiovych Article 62 5
2019 Peculiarities of treatment of patients with tumors of cervical spinal nerves with paravertebral spread Potapov, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych; Derkach, Yu.V.; Slynko, Ye.I. Article 91 2
2019 Quality of life improvement in middle-aged people with type 2 diabetes by means of physical therapy Sytnyk, Olha Andriivna; Melekhovets, Oksana Kostiantynivna; Yezhova, Olha Oleksandrivna; Voropаiev, Dmytro Serhiiovych; Abramova, Svitlana Frantsivna; Попович, В.Д.; Стеценко, М.; Осадчий, А. Article 87 74