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Title Epidemiological characteristics og acute intestinal infection outbreaks in Ukraine under the current conditions
Authors Malysh, Nina Hryhorivna
Chemych, Mykola Dmytrovych  
Доан, С.І.
Родина, Р.А.
Keywords діарейні інфекції
диарейные инфекции
diarrheal infection
спалахова захворюваність
вспышечная заболеваемость
outbreak incidence
нозологічна структура
нозологическая структура
nosological structure
Type Article
Date of Issue 2019
Publisher Bangladesh Academy of Science
Citation Epidemiological characteristics of acute intestinal infection outbreaks in Ukraine under the current conditions / Nina Malysh, Mycola Chemych, Svitlana Doan, Roman Rodyna // Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science. - 2019. - Vol. 18, No. 01. - P. 73-77. DOI:
Abstract Objective: determination of epidemiological peculiarities of acute intestinal infections outbreak incidence in Ukraine for the period 2014-2017. Materials and methods: Applying descriptive and analytical techniques of an epidemiological research method and statistical methods, using materials of the official statutory records of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the nature of acute intestinal infection outbreaks by etiology, transmission routes and affected cohort groups was investigated. Result and discussion: At the current stage AII outbreaks are registered every year and throughout Ukraine. Herewith, their specific gravity in total diarrheal infection incidence, excluding shigellosis and salmonellosis, is insignificant. Outbreak incidence levels in the industrial and tourist centres of Ukraine exceed similar rates in other regions by several times. Salmonelloses dominate in the nosological structure of outbreak incidence. The majority of outbreaks is transmitted by food. Most of diarrheal infection outbreaks are connected with catering facilities and children’s pre-school institutions, as well as with visiting festive occasions arranged at home. A rise in outbreak incidence is observed from May till September. Rotaviral enteritis outbreaks are more frequently registered in January through March. Conclusion: The detected peculiarities of acute intestinal infection outbreak incidence shall be considered when developing regional programs of epidemiological surveillance over diarrheal infections.
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Ukraine Ukraine
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