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Title Про деякі особливі характеристики юридичного дискурсу
Other Titles About Some Specific Characteristics of the Juridical Discourse
Authors Dorda, Svitlana Volodymyrivna
Keywords дискурс
інституційний дискурс
юридичний дискурс
особливі характеристики
institutional discourse
legal discourse
special characteristics
Type Article
Date of Issue 2014
Publisher Сумський державний університет
License In Copyright
Citation Дорда, С. В. Про деякі особливі характеристики юридичного дискурсу // Світогляд-Філософія-Релігія. 2014. Вип. 5. С. 146-154.
Abstract Будь-який інституційний дискурс, зокрема й юридичний, являє собою комбінацію універсальних і специфічних характеристик. Особливі характеристики юридичного дискурсу визначаються його предметною областю, пізнавальними стратегіями, безпосередньо обумовленими його цілями.
Juridical discourse is understood as the activity, which is regulated by certain historic, social and cultural codes (traditions), this activity creates sense; it is aimed to norms formulation, legitimization, regulation and social relations control. Any institute discourse, including juridical discourse, is the combination of universal and specific characteristics. Universal features of the juridical discourse are determined by its motivation and aim dominant, by basic strategies and organizational models of semiotic space, and by certain set of genre. Specific characteristics of the juridical discourse are determined by its subject sphere and cognitive strategies, stipulated by its aims. Subject sphere of the juridical discourse includes three “ontological spheres”, notably: “factual” objects, “behaviour” objects, “abstract” objects. Cognitive strategies, peculiar to the juridical discourse, are directly determined by its aims and subject sphere. Firstly, juridical cognition has “diagnostic and evaluating” character; it is specified by the discourse aim – normalization and regulation of social relations. Secondly, the specificity of the “juridical subjects” is – cognizing subject pursues precise description and avoidance of ambiguity and semantic vagueness.
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