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Title: Economics for Ecology ISCS'2008
Keywords: економіка
Issue Year: 2008
Publisher: Вид-во СумДУ
Citation: Economics for Ecology ISCS'2008 [Текст] : Економіка для екології. ХІV Міжнародна студентська конференція, 6-9 травня 2008 р. - Суми : СумДУ, 2008. - 205 с.
Abstract: Ukrainians eat genetic modified products. And nobody knows how it influences on their health and children’s health. What are the genetic modified products? Genetic modified products are those, which includes the genetic modified organisms, which DNA is changed such way, which it is impossible reach in nature. GMO can include fragments of DNA from some alive organisms. Technology of the formation GMO so imperfect that it result can be a source of biological and ecological risk for person and surrounding ambiences. Products, which contain GMO, cause big agiotage in the world. Nobody knows, where exactly transgen wait for us. There many variants – from bread to sweet drinks. The main reason for appearance GM products are insufficient amount of the feeding products on the planet. When you are citing the document, use the following link
Type: Book
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