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Issue YearTitleAuthor(s)TypeViewsDownloads
2014Methodic foundations of the ecologically oriented consumer’s readiness analysisIlliashenko, Serhii MykolaiovychArticle14839
2014International dimension of technological aspect of space economyProkopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych; Zhivko, Z.Article21362
2014Animated classroom demonstration tools for physics classes as an innovation for improving education quality in remote schools of KyrgyzstanRevetria, R.; Omurbekov, S.A.Article19432
2014Synchronization between Bulgarian and European legislation on conservation of air qualityStoychev, P.; Vlaknenski, T.; Chuturkova, R.Article18232
2014The problem of movement of capital for transnational corporationsMarukyan, G.S.Article17533
2014Preconditions of intercluster cooperation internationalizationOmelianenko, Vitalii AnatoliiovychArticle1919
2014Application of cyclically oriented forecasting: modern approaches to business managementKologryvov, Ya.I.Article206115
2014Methodology of formation of modern oriented environmental management systems in waste managementKrivenko, S.V.Article189100
2014Prospects for reformation of economic and legal mechanisms of subsoil use in UkraineSemenikhina, V.V.Article15979
2014Internal marketing and talent management as integral elements of employer branding strategiesLazorko, K.; Zajac, M.Article290176
2014Concession as the implementation of public-private partnership in sphere of tourism and recreationHrabar, M.V.Article2221
2014An assessment of child mortality in the low and middle income nations: a cross country analysisArfanuzzaman, Md.Article2127
2014The importance of employee creativity in the development of their attitudes pro-innovationKatarzyna, Z.; Prokopenko, Olha VolodymyrivnaArticle3630
2014Post-crisis development of mortgage credit market in UkraineLeonov, S.V.; Tsyhanyuk, D.L.Article4141
2014Methodological principles of banking business cost assessment based on the method of market economic added valueKrasiuk, I.V.Article2349
2014Credit frictions, financial leverage and assets prices: nonlinear dynamic interrelationsDemchuk, N.I.; Pavlenko, O.P.Article2021
2014The role of educational factor in minimization of social risks of elderlyNadraga, V.I.Article3420
2014State regulation of organic production in small agricultural enterprises: foreign experience and prospects of UkraineNazarkevych, O.B.Article3424
2014Global energy conflicts and sustaіnable development risks caused by the climate changesKaraieva, N.V.Article5115
Results 1-19 of 19.
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