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2024 Effect of Aluminum (Al: 0, 1, 2 and 3 wt.%) Doping on Electrical Properties of ZnO:Al/p-Si Heterojunction for Optoelectronic Applications Bouacheria, M.A.; Djelloul, A.; Benharrat, L.; Adnane, M. Article 17 8
2016 Effect of Annealing on the Properties of Nanocrystalline CdS Thin Films Prepared by CBD Method Djelloul, A.; Adnane, M.; Larbah, Y.; Zerdali, M.; Zegadi, C.; Messaoud, A. Article -1623843052 -258600874
2020 Effect of Fe-incorporation on Structural and Optoelectronic Properties of Spin Coated p/n Type ZnO Thin Films Zegadi, C.; Adnane, M.; Chaumont, D.; Haichour, A.; Hadj kaddour, A.; Lounis, Z.; Ghaffor, D. Article 1011890 204924
2019 Effect of Increasing Concentrations on Sprayed Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films Sebaa, N.; Adnane, M.; Djelloul, A.; Abderrahmane, A.; Sahraou, T. Article 3688525 1332735
2021 Improvement of Electrical Properties of Grätzel Cells by Tuning the Dye Layer with CdS/ZnO Junction Melouki, M.; Mehnane, H.F.; Djelloul, A.; Larbah, Y.; Adnane, M. Article 142026658 204055537
2023 Inexpensive Optimized Cu2ZnSnS4 Absorption Layer Elaborated with a Homemade SILAR Method Benmazouza, B.; Sahraoui, T.; Adnane, M.; Hamamousse, N.; Djelloul, A.; Larbah, Y.; Benharrat, L. Article 68496193 49734019
2015 Influence of Growth Temperature on Structure and Optical Properties of Tin Oxide Films by Spray Pyrolysis Method Larbah, Y.; Adnane, M.; Djelloul, A.; Melouki, M. Article 81368246 60101171
2020 Performance Comparison of Low Cost TiO2 and ZnO Solar Cells Sensitized with Coumarin C343 Houri, N.; Djelloul, A.; Adnane, M. Article -1517770689 1517092155
2018 Properties of Undoped and (Al, In) Doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis for Solar Cell Applications Djelloul, A.; Larbah, Y.; Adnane, M.; Labdelli, B.; Ziane, M.I.; Manseri, A.; Messaoud, A. Article -644973447 1790853944
2015 Properties Study of ZnS Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method Djelloul, A.; Adnane, M.; Larbah, Y.; Sahraoui, T.; Zegadi, C.; Maha, A.; Rahal, B. Article -1431893094 1784531973