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2021 Electronic Beam Technology in Optoelectronic Instrumentation: High-quality Curved Surfaces and Microprofile Creation in Different Geometric Shapes Yatsenko, I.V.; Maslov, V.P.; Antonyuk, V.S.; Vashchenko, V.A.; Kirichenko, O.V.; Yatsenko, K.M. Article 1193 1317
2022 Features of Low-Temperature GaAs Formation for Epitaxy Device Structures Krukovskyi, S.I.; Arikov, V.; Voronko, A.O.; Antonyuk, V.S. Article 79 82
2020 The Influence of the Phase Composition of the B-N-C System Composite Material on Its Physical-mechanical and Tribological Characteristics Volkogon, V.M.; Avramchuk, S.K.; Kravchuk, A.V.; Pavlychuk, T.V.; Antonyuk, V.S.; Avramchuk, K.І. Article 72 32
2019 Interaction During Barothermal Processing of Wurtzite Boron Nitride with Diamonds Obtained under Different Synthesis Conditions Volkogon, V.M.; Vasylkovska, М.А.; Tymofeeva, I.I.; Avramchuk, S.K.; Kravchuk, A.V.; Buzhanska, I.I.; Fedoran, Y.A.; Pavlychuk, T.V.; Antonyuk, V.S. Article 3175 561
2021 Matrix of Photosensitive Elements for Determining the Coordinates of the Source of Optical Radiation Verbitskiy, V.G.; Antonyuk, V.S.; Voronko, A.O.; Korolevych, L.M.; Verbitskiy, D.V.; Novikov, D.O. Article 638 823
2020 Optimization of the Composition and Process of Preparation of Hot-pressed Ceramics with Increased Characteristics Based on Boron Carbide Volkogon, V.M.; Avramchuk, S.K.; Kovalchuk, V.V.; Kravchuk, A.V.; Stepanenkо, A.V.; Kotliar, D.A.; Pavlychuk, T.V.; Kutran, T.M.; Antonyuk, V.S.; Avramchuk, K.І. Article 229 230
2019 Regularities of Influence of Electron-beam Technology Modes on the Performance Characteristics of Optical Elements Yatsenko, I.V.; Antonyuk, V.S.; Vashchenko, V.A.; Kyrychenko, O.V.; Tishchenko, O.M. Article 620 157
2019 Research of Microhardness of Thin Ceramic Coatings Formed by Combined Electron-beam Method on Dielectric Materials Antonyuk, V.S.; Bondarenko, Yu.Yu.; Bilokin’, S.O.; Andrienko, V.O.; Bondarenko, M.O. Article 583 67