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2017 Academic integrity in Ukrainian higher education: values, skills, actions Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Liuta, Olha Vasylivna Article 5236 5108
2013 Application of computer simulation for the description of devices with suspended layer hydrodynamics Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Artiukhova, Nadiia Oleksandrivna Conference Papers 4145 3751
2014 Calculation of optimal design of heat-mass transfer separation vortex trays Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Javaid, А. Article 9488 2556
2020 Calculation of the Characteristics of the Multi-gap Seal of the Centrifugal Pump, in Dependence on the Chambers’ Sizes Pozovnyi, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych; Zahorulko, Andrii Vasylovych; Krmela, J.; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Krmelová, V. Article 16 17
2021 Comparative Exergy Analysis of Units for the Porous Ammonium Nitrate Granulation Levchenko, D.; Manzharov, A.; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Artiukhova, Nadiia Oleksandrivna; Krmela, Jan Article 36 37
2018 Development of Technology for Obtaining N4HNO3 Multilayer Granules with Nanostructured Porous Layers Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Sklabinskyi, Vsevolod Ivanovych; Гончаров, О.Г. Article 117 41
2013 Environmental aspects implementation of high-granulation equipment for the production of nitrogen fertilizers Sklabinskyi, Vsevolod Ivanovych; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Kononenko, Mykola Petrovych Article 1718 1623
2019 Evaluation of the Impact Made by the Hydrodynamic Regime of the Granulation Equipment Operation on the Nanoporous Structure of N4HNO3 Granules Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Krmela, J.; Gavrylenko, O.M. Article 173 133
2020 Formation of the Ammonium Nitrate Nanoporous Structure in the Vortex Device with Pre-humidification of Granules Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Berladir, Khrystyna Volodymyrivna Article 25 26
2021 Fracture Analysis of High-Strength Screw for Highway Construction Dubec, A.; Kováčiková, P.; Krmela, J.; Krmelová, V.; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych Article 14 15
2021 Increasing the Structural Strength of Corrosion-resistant Steel for Elastic Components of Diaphragm Compressor Krmela, J.; Hovorun, Tetiana Pavlivna; Berladir, Khrystyna Volodymyrivna; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych Article 236 237
2018 Innovations in the financing of lifelong learning system: expenditure optimization model Vorontsova, Anna Serhiivna; Lieonov, Serhii Viacheslavovych; Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych Article 352 344
2017 International economic relations and sustainable development Prokopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Kurbatova, Tetiana Oleksandrivna; Babenko, V.; Baldzhy, М.; Denysenko, M.; Gevorgyan, S.; Hrytsenko, Larysa Leonidivna; Ibraheem, M. Aliyas; Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Shevtsova, G.; Shimova, O.; Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna; Tielietov, Oleksandr Serhiiovych; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Bondarenko, S.; Boyarko, I.; Breus, S.; Domashenko, Maryna Dmytrivna; Horban, V.; Karna, W.; Karpitskaya, M.; Khaustova, Y.; Knap-Stefaniuk, A.; Krysak, A.; Kubatko, Oleksandr Vasylovych; Kuchmiyov, A.; Lukash, S.; Maslosh, O.; Nazaryan, G.; Omelyanenko, V.; Peresadko, Halyna Oleksandrivna; Pidlisna, O.; Shcherbachenko, Viktoriia Oleksiivna; Shkola, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Sidorov, V.; Teletova, S.; Ali, Kh.Muhammed; Barysenka, P.; Gromyko, N.; Kornatowski, R.; Pankova, J.; Sulaiman, D.J.; Vardanyan, T. Monograph 158366 159289
2020 The Investigation of Nanoporous Structure Morphology and Elemental Composition of Organo-mineral Fertilizer Granules Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Vakal, Serhii Vasylovych; Yanovska, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Shkola, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Vakal, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Yarova, T.Y. Article 54 53
2020 Manufacturing of Vortex Granulators: Simulation of the Vortex Fluidized Bed Functioning under the Disperse Phase Interaction in the Constrained Motion Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Krmela, J.; Krmelova, V. Article 19 20
2020 Minimization of Soil Pollution as a Result of the Use of Encapsulated Mineral Fertilizers Vakal, Serhii Vasylovych; Yanovska, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Vakal, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Shkola, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Yarova, T.; Dmitrikov, V.; Krmela, J.; Malovanyy, M. Article 19 20
2021 Multistage Shelf Devices with Fluidized Bed for Heat-Mass Transfer Processes: Experimental Studies and Practical Implementation Yukhymenko, Mykola Petrovych; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Ostroha, Ruslan Oleksiiovych; Artiukhova, Nadiia Oleksandrivna; Krmela, J.; Bocko, J. Article 14 13
2015 Production of ammonium nitrate in the vortex granulators: recycling of production waste Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Levchenko, Dmytro Oleksiiovych; Rossi, Pablo Article 1793 1769
2012 Production of granules with special properties in small-sized vortex devices Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Sklabinskyi, Vsevolod Ivanovych Article 6843 5969
2015 Quality improvement of granular nitrogen fertilizer in the prilling plants Sklabinskyi, Vsevolod Ivanovych; Artiukhov, Artem Yevhenovych; Kononenko, Mykola Petrovych; Rossi, Pablo Article 1653 1859