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2022 Anaerobic Digestion Combined with Electrolysis of Poultry Manure and Activated Sludge Inoculum Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Shtepa, V.N.; Pliatsuk, Leonid Dmytrovych; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Danylov, D.V. Article 297878 275714
2022 Ecological properties of phosphogypsum and its products: biogeosystem technique for management Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Haneklaus, N.; Roubik, H. Conference Papers 12158 656
2022 Effect of Electrolysis on Activated Sludge during the Hydrolysis and Acidogenesis Stages in the Anaerobic Digestion of Poultry Manure Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Balintova, M.; Shtepa, V.; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Junakova, N. Article 203 134
2022 Effect of phosphogypsum addition on methane yield in biogas and digestate properties during anaerobic digestion Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Ferchau, E.; Zaffar, N. Article 5514809 6693745
2022 Methods for Intensifying Biogas Production from Waste: A Scientometric Review of Cavitation and Electrolysis Treatments Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Danylov, D.; Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Pliatsuk, Leonid Dmytrovych; Shtepa, V.; Haneklaus, N.; Roubik, H. Article 250 498
2021 Phosphogypsum Recycling: A Review of Environmental Issues, Current Trends, and Prospects Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Yakhnenko, Olena Mykolaivna; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Roubík, H. Article 164531 512893
2021 Rationale for the Combined Use of Biological Processes and AOPs in Wastewater Treatment Tasks Shtepa, V.; Balintova, M.; Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna; Demcak, S.; Gautier, M. Article 859920 883244
2023 Екологічно безпечна утилізація відходів в енергетичних цілях в технологіях захисту довкілля Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna PhD Thesis 9503 23297
2021 Спосіб одержання біопалива та біодобрив з органічних відходів Chernysh, Yelyzaveta Yuriivna; Pliatsuk, Leonid Dmytrovych; Chubur, Viktoriia Serhiivna Patent 19810 37686