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2016 AC-field Induced Gap Opening in the Vicinity of Extra Dirac Points in Band Structure of Graphene Superlattice Kryuchkov, S.V.; Kukhar', E.I. Article 159985 112872
2020 Analytical and Numerical Study of the Energy Spectrum of a Superlattice Consisting of Strips of Single-layer and Bilayer Graphene Abdrakhmanov, V.L.; Badikova, P.V.; Zav’yalov, D.V.; Konchenkov, V.I.; Kryuchkov, S.V. Article 7364 12683
2012 Constant Electric Field Influence on the Rectification of the Transversal Current Induced by the Sinusoidal and Cnoidal Electromagnetic Waves in Graphene Superlattice Kukhar, E.I.; Kryuchkov, S.V. Conference Papers 201367 748
2014 Effect of high-frequency laser radiation on the graphene current-voltage characteristic Kryuchkov, S.V.; Kukhar’, E.I.; Nikitina, O.S. Article 45160 832
2013 Electromagnetic Radiation Influence on the Transversal Conductivity of the Graphene Superlattice Kryuchkov, S.V.; Kukhar, E.I.; Nikitina, O.S. Conference Papers 47973 695
2013 Electron States and Quasienergy Spectrum of the Graphene Exposed to the Electromagnetic Wave Kryuchkov, S.V.; Kukhar, E.I.; Nikitina, O.S. Article 136662 50879
2015 Influence of a Transverse Electric Field on the Alternating Currents Rectification Effect in Superstructures with Non-additive Energy Spectrum Konchenkov, V.I.; Kryuchkov, S.V.; Zav’yalov, D.V. Article 47050 13974
2015 Linewidth of Cyclotron Absorption in Band-Gap Graphene: Relaxation Time Approximation vs. Monte Carlo Method Kryuchkov, S.V.; Kukhar’, E.I.; Zav’yalov, D.V. Article 110565 52917
2012 The Appearance of Transverse Current in the Graphene Superlattice under the Influence of Elliptically Polarized Wave Kryuchkov, S.V.; Konchenkov, V.I.; Zavyalov, D.V. Conference Papers 6818 453
2017 Two-Dimensional Graphene Superlattice: Energy Spectrum and Current-Voltage Characteristics Kryuchkov, S.V.; Popov, C.A. Article 22720558 23013941