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2014 3D-Self-Assemblage and Self-Organization on Natural Colloidal Microinclusions in Mineral Sediments Kuzmenko, A.P.; Chan, Nyein Aung; Rodionov, V.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article -1291176741 -530140007
2015 An Analysis of the Deposition Process and the Structure of Ferroelectric Langmuir Films of Barium Titanate Kuzmenko, A.P.; Chuhaeva, I.V.; Abakumov, P.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B.; Emelyanov, N.A. Article 862666237 891837827
2013 Correlation between Phase-Structural State and Magnetic Characteristics of Spin-Valve Systems Based on Fe, Co and Au Protsenko, Serhii Ivanovych; Fedchenko, Olena Viktorivna; Demydenko, Maksym Hennadiiovych; Kuzmenko, A.P. Article 149725188 628829954
2014 Defragmentation, Thermocapillary Extraction and Agglomeration of Ultradispersed Inclusions of Noble Metals in Laser Processing Kuzmenko, A.P.; Leonenko, N.A.; Khrapov, I.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article -2053781115 187523354
2016 Degradation of Structure of Magnetron Ni and Cr Nanofilms at their Heating on Air Kuzmenko, A.P.; Kuzko, A.E.; Naw, Dint; Myo Min, Than; Dobromyslov, M.B.; Kanukov, R.T. Article 378960408 245529406
2015 Development and Physico-chemical Study of the Aqueous Dispersion Silver Nanoparticles as the Basis for Creating New Nanomaterials Ageeva, L.S.; Chekadanov, A.S.; Borsch, N.A.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Myo Min, Than; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 7174540 1123857
2015 Dimensional Effects in Micro- and Nanostructural Changes in Grain and Intragrained Structure of Steel 45 at Static-pulse Treatment Kirichek, A.V.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Soloviev, D.L.; Barinov, S.V.; Altukhov, A.Yu.; Silantiev, S.A.; Grechukhin, A.N.; Myo Min, Than; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 7539811 3273986
2014 Dynamics of Domain Walls in Iron Borate and Yttrium Orthoferrite in Alternating and Constant Magnetic Fields Adamova, M.E.; Zhukov, E.A.; Kaminsky, A.V.; Komina, O.Yu.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Shcherbakov, Yu.I. Article -1242619236 -621095215
2015 Fabrication and Research of Superhard (Zr–Ti–Cr–Nb)N Coatings Bondar, Oleksandr Viacheslavovych; Postolnyi, Bohdan Oleksandrovych; Kravchenko, Yuliia Anatoliivna; Shypylenko, A.P.; Sobol, O.V.; Beresnev, V.M.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Zukowski, P. Article 513721731 -1413745093
2013 Features in Formation and Properties of Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers Kuzmenko, A.P.; Chuhaeva, I.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 18112789 19991350
2013 Features of Structure of Magnetron Films Si3N4 and SiC Kuzmenko, A.P.; Chekadanov, A.S.; Zakhvalinsky, S.V.; Pilyuk, E.A.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 75821929 79788134
2014 Induction of Polymerization of the Surface Nanostructures of the Electrodes by Electric Field Emelyanov, S.G.; Kuz’ko, A.E.; Kuz’ko, A.V.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Belov, P.A. Article -2081711469 -2081529153
2014 Influence of Electroconductive Additives in the Positive Electrode Material on Morphology, Structure and Characteristics of the Lead-acid Batteries Kuzmenko, A.P.; Grechushnikov, E.A.; Kharseev, V.A.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article -1270055847 1933166294
2013 Influence of the Ratio of Metal Composed Nanocomposites Fe-Co / C on Phase Composition Kozhitov, L.V.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Kozhitov, S.L.; Muratov, D.G.; Harseev, V.A.; Rodionov, V.V.; Popkova, A.V.; Matveev, K.E.; Yakushko, E.V. Article 38937207 42579376
2015 Influence of the Substrate Temperature on the Size Distribution and Phase Composition of Ablated HfO2 Nanoparticles Panfilov, V.I.; Pugachevskii, M.A.; Kuzmenko, A.P.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 5846380 7084181
2013 Interrelation of Shape and Structure of Domain Walls with Magnetic Inhomogeneities Kuzmenko, A.P.; Abakumov, P.V.; Roslyakova, L.I.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 199397860 -1632586225
2013 Justification of Visualization Technique of Domain Structure with Raman Scattering Kuzmenko, A.P.; Abakumov, P.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B.; Shumakova, Nataliia Ivanivna Article -1847732253 -378485061
2014 Localized Electrospark Impacts on Thin Metal Films Kuzmenko, A.P.; Kuz’ko, A.E.; Timakov, D.I.; Roslyakova, L.I.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article -278264151 -556381600
2013 Magnetic Properties of AIIBIVCV2 Compounds Doped with Mn Kochura, A.V.; Ivanenko, S.V.; Lashkul, A.; Kochura, E.P.; Marenkin, S.F.; Fedorchenko, I.V.; Kuzmenko, A.P. Article 1890309261 1046571956
2013 Mechanisms of Fractal Formation in Colloidal Carbon-Bearing Natural System Kuzmenko, A.P.; Chakov, V.V.; Aung, Chan Nyein; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 476455748 438126730