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2012 Biphenyl Molecules as Elements of Nanoelectronics in the Electric Field Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Shovkoplias, Oksana Anatoliivna; Kondratenko, P.O. Conference Papers 14006 1112
2019 Energy Structure and Stability of Merocyanine Isomers as Memory Elements or Switches Kondratenko, P.O.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Kovalenko, Olha Andriivna; Sakun, T.M. Article 2349 93
2013 Influence of the Electric Field on the Electronic Properties of the Substituted Biphenyl Molecules Shovkoplias, Oksana Anatoliivna; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Kondratenko, P.O. Article 29841 10041
2009 Investigation of Davydov splitting in the in the IR spectra of crystalline dicarboxylic acids Kshniakina, Svitlana Ivanivna; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych Article 1084762 10089
2011 Kinetics of Formation of Ag Clots on AgBr Microcrystals at the Normal Laser Hershel Effect Piven, A.B.; Piven, O.B.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych Article 78775178 464414
2021 Mechanisms of Relaxation of Electronic Excitation of Triazido-S-triazine Kondratenko, P.O.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Sakun, T.M. Article 1746 2080
2016 Molecular Transistor Based on the Biphenyl Substituents Malashenko, A.G.; Kondratenko, P.A.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Derevianchuk, Anatolii Yosypovych Article 1536831 1741222
2020 On Anomalous Fluorescence of Symmetrical Polymethine Dyes Kondratenko, P.O.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych Article 468 604
2019 Peculiarities of Crystallization of Amorphous Silver at 77 K in Conditions of Laser Herschel Effect Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Piven, Oleksandr B.; Piven, Oleh B. Article 4044 106
2017 Possible route of the merocyanine-spiropyran transition Kovalenko, O.A.; Belous, D.A.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Kondratenko, P.O. Conference Papers 2452 108
2016 Potential Surface of Polymethine Dye Molecule in the optimized state Solomko, Vita Viktorivna; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Logvinenko, A.Yu.; Kondratenko, P.A. Conference Papers 6774 2764
2016 Proton Transfer Route in Spiropyran M'olecule Kovalenko, Olha Andriivna; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Oblapenko, A.A.; Kondratenko, P.A. Conference Papers 7376 819
2016 Prototype of Stable Molecular Switch Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Malashenko, A.G.; Shevchenko, Yu.A.; Sakun, T.N. Conference Papers 3850 425
2020 Quasi-equilibrium Processes of Relaxation of the Electronic Excitation of the Azidomalachite Green Molecule Kondratenko, P.O.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Sakun, T.M. Article 1069 1168
2012 Relaxation Processes from the Highly Excited States in the Molecular Systems Based on the Methylene Blue Kondratenko, P.O.; Sakun, T.M.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych Article 34203 1196
2018 The Role of the Charge State of the Molecule and the External Electric Field in the Functioning of Molecular Switches Based on Spiropyran Molecule Kovalenko, Olha Andriivna; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Kondratenko, P. Article 1343 146
2012 Використання mind-map при самостійній роботі студентів Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych Conference Papers 5880 1757
2011 Влияние электрического поля на барьер внутреннего вращения молекул на основе дифенила Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Dmitriiev, Artem Volodymyrovych; Голубев, А.Ю.; Кондратенко, П.А. Conference Papers 92986 37881
2012 Влияние электрического поля на конформацию молекулы дифенила Shovkoplias, Oksana Anatoliivna; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Кондратенко, П.А. Conference Papers 15635 11145
2015 Вплив електричного поля на молекулу дифенілу з замісником NO[2] Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Малашенко, Г.Г.; Павлюк, М.; Кондратенко, П.О. Conference Papers 7918 2806