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2023 Analyzing Vibration Behavior of Nano FGM (Si3N4/SUS304) Plates: Impact of Homogenization Models and Nano Parameters Messas, T.; Rebai, B.; Mansouri, K.; Chitour, M.; Berkia, A.; Litouche, B. Article 51 68
2022 Calibration of a Microscopic Measurement System by Projection Technique of Coded Periodic Patterns Bouali, H.; Belkacemi, Y.; Bouaziz, M.; Mansouri, K. Article 27002 37887
2023 Effect of Broken Glass Particle on Stress Transfer of Nylon Matrix Composite Mansouri, K.; Chitour, M.; Berkia, A.; Rebai, B.; Khadraoui, F.; Djebaili, H. Article 70 194
2023 Effect of Idealization Models on Deflection of Functionally Graded Material (FGM) Plate Rebai, B.; Mansouri, K.; Chitour, M.; Berkia, A.; Messas, T.; Khadraoui, F.; Litouche, B. Article 16211793 24836662
2024 Improvement by Heat Treatment of the Mechanical Properties of a Grooving Cutter Chermime, B.; Mansouri, K.; Djebaili, H.; Hadjela, H.; Abbassi, O.A.; Hamidane, O. Article 49 104
2022 Influence of Mechanical and Geometric Characteristics on Thermal Buckling of Functionally Graded Sandwich Plates Berkia, A.; Benguediab, M.; Bouhadra, A.; Mansouri, K.; Tounsi, A.; Chitour, M. Article 40184262 76633688
2020 Mechanical Behavior of Particle Reinforced Thermoplastic Matrix Composites Using Finite Element Modeling Mansouri, K.; Djebaili, H.; Brioua, M. Article 1688025153 -1293069397
2022 A New High Order Theory for Buckling Temperature Analysis of Functionally Graded Sandwich Plates Resting on Elastic Foundations Chitour, M.; Bouhadra, A.; Benguediab, M.; Mansouri, K.; Menasria, A.; Tounsi, A. Article 73271684 116294354
2022 Numerical Modeling of Thin-Film Growth by Random Deposition with Particle Evaporation Saoudi, A.; Boulahrouz, S.; Fares, S.; Chitour, M.; Mansouri, K.; Aissani, L.; Abboudi, A. Article 13203 48588
2022 Numerical Studies of Thermal Management of Multiple Electronic Devices Using Metal Foam Heat Sinks Sid, N.; Boulahrouz, S.; Saoudi, A.; Chahaoui, O.; Mansouri, K. Article 3346651 6903679
2022 Transient 3D Thermomechanical Simulation of the Frictional Contact of the Pin-on-Disc System Abboudi, A.; Boulahrouz, S.; Mansouri, K. Article 41606957 126968341
2022 Vickers Hardness Test of Steel Pipes Welded by High Frequency Induction Mansouri, K.; Abboudi, A.; Djebaili, H. Article -501262847 529038009