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2023 Churn Rate Modeling for Telecommunication Operators Using Data Science Methods Zatonatska, T.; Fareniuk, Y.; Shpyrko, V. Article -634651835 36776130
2021 Companies Performance Management: the Role of Operational Flexibility Yousuf, A.; Lorestani Zeynvand, V.; Felföldi, J.; Zatonatska, T.; Kozlovskyi, S.; Dluhopolskyi, O. Article -1516432129 -416611234
2024 The Development of The E-Commerce Market in Poland in the Conditions of Intensification of Migration Processes Zatonatska, T.; Fareniuk, Y.; Juscius, V.; Martinkiene, Ju.; Maksymchuk, O. Article 151 123
2021 Estimating the Efficiency of the Green Energy Services’ Marketing Management Based on Segmentation Brych, V.; Zatonatska, T.; Dluhopolskyi, O.; Borysiak, O.; Vakun, O. Article 231258550 209256014
2020 The Impact of Globalization and International Tax Competition on Tax Policies Sokolovska, A.; Zatonatska, T.; Stavytskyy, A.; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Giedraitis, V. Article -492387409 -304866940
2022 Marketing Strategies in the Banking Services Sector With the Help of Data Science Zatonatska, T.; Hubska, M.; Shpyrko, V. Article 4226102 28858157
2019 Modelling the Efficiency of the Cloud Computing Implementation at Enterprises Zatonatska, T.; Dluhopolskyi, O. Article 946214401 146132820
2018 Models for analysis of impact of the e-commerce on indicators of economic development of Ukraine, Poland and Austria Zatonatska, T. Article -329077552 -2020400526
2018 Modern trends of impact on economic development of countries: e-commerce and R&D Zatonatska, T.; Rozhko, O.; Tkachenko, N. Article 1533617858 2077430856