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2017 An analytical study on logistics outsourcing impact on logistical service quality in supply chains (case study: industrial enterprises of Sumy region) Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Haidabrus, Nataliia Vitaliivna; Рубан, Дар'я Андріївна; Ruban, Daria Andriivna Article 1792 1486
2015 Communication management in the aspect of the food industry Brzozowska, A.; Bubel, D.; Kalinichenko, A. Article 856 645
2013 Conceptual bases of forming ecological and economic mechanism for logistic system management at the trade enterprise Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna; Mazin, Yurii Oleksandrovych; Chortok, Yuliia Volodymyrivna Conference Papers 2912 2727
2020 Innovation Management and Automated Accounting in the Chaotic Storage Logistics Zadorozhnyi, Z.-M.; Muravskyi, V.; Pochynok, N.; Hrytsyshyn, A. Article 223 214
2020 Innovations in Management of the Complementary Develipment of the Territories Adjusted to the River Cargo Transportation Krykavskyy, Y.; Prokopenko, O.; Shandrivska, O.; Vasyltsiv, N.; Nycz-Wojtan, S. Article 57 51
2013 Innovative development in logistics and its connection with logistical management and management of logistics Velychko, O.P. Article 1964 1684
2020 International Logistics Yarova, Inessa Yevhenivna Schoolbook 101 95
2020 Internet of thinks in logistics Zakharkina, Liudmyla Serhiivna; Okhrimchuk, Ye. Conference Papers 33 34
2015 Key aspects of logistics services audit Haidabrus, Nataliia Vitaliivna Article 488 333
2014 Logistic service in the innovative production distribution channels as its optimal structure factor Haidabrus, Nataliia Vitaliivna; Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna; Saher, Liudmyla Yuriivna Article 2275 1874
2014 Logistical and marketing factors in packagingdecisions Haidabrus, Nataliia Vitaliivna Conference Papers 867 267
2017 Logistics: the main problem of seasonal business Tarasenko, K.S. Conference Papers 161 144
2016 Logistik in der medizin Tian, M. Conference Papers 168 135
2016 Managing economic growth: marketing, management and innovations Illiashenko, Serhii Mykolaiovych; Strielkowski, W. Monograph 22741 25730
2016 Modern Internet platforms in the field of logistic services in the Republic of Poland and Ukraine Prokopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna; Bozhkova, Viktoriia Viktorivna; Romanyuk, Ya.S. Article 2442 2175
2013 Packaging as a means of increasing efficiency of logistics service Haidabrus, Nataliia Vitaliivna; Bilovodska, Olena Anatoliivna Article 2761 2718
2008 Reverse logistics as an instrument of greening logistics Diadechko, Alla Mykolaivna; Koblyanska, I.I. Conference Papers 2967 1656
2020 Smart transport and logistics environment Chortok, Yuliia Volodymyrivna; Nechyporenko, R.M.; Yaskevich, A.O. Conference Papers 33 34
2019 Автоматизована програмна система для рішення задач логіста на платформі "1С: Підприємство" Чорнобай, М.А. Masters thesis 4 0
2013 Аналіз актуальних питань правового регулювання логістичної діяльності підприємства Титаренко, Ю.В. Conference Papers 947 994