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2015 Effect of a Stable Magnetic Field on Silicon Properties Timoshina, M.I.; Akimov, E.V.; Gulamov, A.A.; Kochura, A.V.; Dobromyslov, M.B. Article 5448469 8282997
2014 Effect of the Electric Field on Ordering of Copper Phthalocyanine Films at the Molecular and Nano-scale Sieryk, M.; Dimitriev, O.; Doroshenko, T.; Grytsenko, K.; Kachkovsky, O. Article 695206371 404728011
2016 Fabrication and Excellent Dielectric Performance of Exfoliated Graphite Sheets Joshi, Girish M.; Deshmukh, Kalim; Jain, P.K. Article 301152564 333330973
2012 Ge/GaAs(100) Thin Films: Large Effect of Film Growth Rate and Thicknesses on Surface Morphology, Intrinsic Stresses and Electrical Properties Mitin, V.F.; Lytvyn, P.M.; Kholevchuk, V.V.; Matveeva, L.A.; Mitin, V.V.; Kulyk, O.S.; Venger, E.F. Conference Papers 50442761 18044237
2012 Preparation and Characterization of NiO Thin Films by DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Reddy, Y. Ashok Kumar; Reddy, A. Mallikarjuna; Reddy, A. Sivasankar; Reddy, P. Sreedhara Article -431403895 -1665561778
2016 Spray Deposited Nanocrystalline ZnO Transparent Electrodes: Role of Precursor Solvent Mahajan, C.M.; Pendharkar, M.; Chaudhari, Y.A.; Sawant, S.S.; Ankamwar, B.; Takwale, M.G. Article 1695876750 998616878
2016 Structural and electrical properties of SnS2 thin films Возний, Андрій Андрійович; Voznyi, Andrii Andriiovych; Kosiak, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych; Opanasiuk, Anatolii Serhiiovych; Tyrkusova, Nadiia Volodymyrivna; Грас, Л.; Grase, L.; Медвідс, A.; Медвидс, A.; Medvids, A.; Мезінскіс, Г.; Мезинскис, Г.; Mezinskis, G. Article 87602743 75819112
2012 The Annealing Effects of ZnO Thin Films on Characteristic Parameters of Au/ZnO Schottky Contacts on n-Si Akkilic, K.; Ocak, Y.S.; Kilicoglu, T.; Toprak, A. Article 45896922 32253987
2015 The Effect of Nano-SiO2 on the Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of SiO2-LiFe5O8 Glass–ceramics Prepared by Sol Gel Auto-combustion Processing Shash, N.M.; Rashad, M.M.; El-Shaarawy, M.G.; Maklad, M.H.; Afifi, F.A. Conference Papers 674774952 -1649422733
2012 Thermoelectricity of Nanostructures Based on Compounds of Lead Telluride Freik, D.M.; Yurchyshyn, I.K.; Mezhylovska, L.Yo.; Yavorsky, Ya.S. Conference Papers 338278 206055