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2014 Analysis of asset management system in a private enterprise Baistriuchenko, Nataliia Olehivna; Okunlola, A.O. Article -546608933 90656075
2020 Analysis of the possibility of fish and meat raw materials combination in products Bozhko, Nataliia Volodymyrivna; Tischenko, V.; Pasichnyi, V.; Matsuk, Y. Article -822467800 342050349
2023 Business models digital transformation: the path to sustainable development Zavrazhnyi, Kostiantyn Yuriiovych; Kulyk, Anzhelika Kostiantynivna Conference Papers 231 180
2023 Consumer’s Online Brand-Related Activities in Instagram and their Impact on Word-of-Mouth Nastisin, L.; Kmec, K.; Kral, S. Article 6196 5617
2022 Cross-Country Analysis of Competitiveness Towards Innovation Potential Assessment for Industrials Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Taraniuk, Leonid Mykolaiovych; Kotenko, Stanislav Ihorovych; Awujola, A.; Taraniuk, Karina Viktorivna; Hongzhou, Q. Article 14964065 13417908
2022 Cross-country analysis of competiveness towards innovation potential assessment for industrials Taraniuk, Leonid Mykolaiovych; Taraniuk, Karina Viktorivna; Shvindina, Hanna Oleksandrivna; Kotenko, S.; Qiu, Hongzhou; Awujola, A. Article 1299507778 1269677392
2022 Financial Market Trends as a Part of Regional Development: Manifestations of Behavioral Reactions and Impulses Rosokhata, Anna Serhiivna; Jasnikowski, A.; Kropyva, V.; Deryzemlia, M. Article 226404193 192958184
2022 Gender Differences in the Perception of Motivations for Consumer’s Online Brand-Related Activities and Their Impacts on Instagram Nastisin, L.; Jura, A.; Fedorko, R.; Kopor, I. Article 369896 768486
2013 Improve dialog categorization of the methods for risk assessment of еnvironmental danger economical activities Vladimirov, L.V.; Hristova, К.G. Article 1958608033 -290735126
2022 Information & Analytical Support of Innovation Processes Management Digitalisation at the Regional Level Omelianenko, O.; Petrova, I.; Chashechnikova, O.; Yurchenko, O.; Lytvynenko, Svitlana Mykolaivna; Berezova, S. Article 10105 10106
2022 Information & Analytical Support of Innovation Processes Management Efficience Estimations at the Regional Level Omelyanenko, V.; Pidorycheva, I.; Voronenko, Viacheslav Ihorovych; Andrusiak, N.; Omelianenko, O.; Fyliuk, H.; Matkovskyi, P.; Kosmidailo, I. Article -1826667272 238768354
2020 Innovations in Management of Banks Deposit Portfolio: Structure of Customer Deposit Andros, S.; Akimova, L.; Butkevich, O. Article 935741220 1312980106
2023 Innovative Management of Biomass Cost Value Based on Accounting and Analysis of Production Costs of Agricultural Activities Zadorozhnyi, Z.-M.; Muravskyi, V.; Bila, Yu.; Ivasechko, U. Article 263 167
2014 Investigation of financial stability of Ukraine Башлай, С.В. Article 32021289 16455394
2017 Lehrstück: виникнення та еволюція жанру (на матеріалі драматургії Бертольта Брехта і Хайнера Мюллера) Федоренко, Л.О. Article 35961638 19585863
2022 Management of Innovation in Azerbaijan: Relationships with Competitiveness and Sustainable Development Ibraghimov, E.A. Article -946203995 -1928750607
2019 Marketing and Management of Credit Portfolio of a Commercial Bank: Data of Economic and Statistical Analysis of Basic Parameters of Credit Tykhenko, Volodymyr Serhiiovych; Andros, S.; Novak-Kalyayeva, L. Article 541447354 -2049417105
2021 Open Science as a Component of Transparent Information Space for Scientists: Domestic And Foreign Context Taraniuk, Leonid Mykolaiovych; Taraniuk, Karina Viktorivna; Volk, Yurii Yuriiovych Article 555352223 431138100
2021 Organizational competitiveness: a systematic literature review Kotenko, Stanislav Ihorovych; Heiets, I.; Yacout, D. Article -1343585267 -1972386955
2018 Selection of the Optimal Software for Designing Expert Systems Mukhoid, O.V.; Kanivskyi, S.O.; Kostornoi, O.S.; Shyfrin, D.M. Article 347982 374625