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2022 Electrochemical Behavior of Pristine Mn2O3 Efficient Electrodes by Inexpensive Potentiostatic Electrodeposition Technique Pawar, S.G.; Chanmal, C.V.; Bandgar, S.S.; Mulik, R.N.; Desai, P.A.; Admuthe, A.A.; Dhole, I.A. Article 296693458 127143211
2011 High pressure torsion of nickel powders obtained by electrodeposition Rafailovic, L.D.; Rentenberger, C.; Gavrilovic, A.; Kleber, C.; Karnthaler, H.P.; Gammer, C. Conference Papers 1226062 616906
2020 Instantaneous Fabrication of Thin MEMS Features by Copper Electrodeposition Using Modified Inkjet Printer Deshmukh, Vimal Kumar; Namdev, Ankit; Narang, H.K.; Rajput, M.S.; Pandey, P.M. Article 281130 18965
2020 Investigation of Supercapacitive Behaviour of Electrodeposited Cobalt Oxide Thin Film by Potentiostatic Mode Gavande, S.S.; Navale, Y.H.; Salunkhe, A.S.; Gavande, Shivani; Kulkarni, P.S.; Karche, B.R. Article 6521 2079
2020 Mechanical Characterization of Electrodeposition of Ni-P Alloy Coating Lekmine, F.; Temam, H. Ben; Naoun, M.; Hadjadj, M. Article 1012618 239050
2020 Resistive Switching Memory Properties of Electrodeposited Cu2O Thin Films Patil, Rohini R.; Patil, Shubham V.; Sabnis, Amey M.; Khot, Kishorkumar V.; Kamat, Rajanish K.; Dongale, Tukaram D.; Kim, Deok-kee Article 751326 66233
2011 Template Assisted Growth Of Zinc Oxide-Based Nanowires By Electrochemical Deposition Singh, T.; Pandya, D.K.; Singh, R. Article 37944559 5819086