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2014 Reduce of adverse effects on environment in conditions of economic growth Dovga, L.V. Conference Papers 67 43
2014 Regional ecology Kursk region Golovina, A.V. Conference Papers 260 283
2012 Russia and the World Wide Web in the sustainable human development framework Kaneva, M. A. Article 9800 8810
2014 Safe world is the key to the safe future Kovtun, A.A. Conference Papers 101 93
2017 Saving the environment for the future generations Belokur, S. Conference Papers 136 76
2017 Smart city Bahmach, М. Conference Papers 151 47
2014 Socio-eco-economic system intellectualization: from growth to development Denysenko, Pavlo Anatoliiovych Conference Papers 376 369
2020 Socio-Environmental and Economic Problems of Solar Panels Recycling Маценко, Олена Ігорівна; Маценко, Елена Игоревна; Matsenko, Olena Ihorivna; Tereshchenko, V.S.; Piven, V.S.; Панченко, Андрій Андрійович; Панченко, Андрей Андреевич; Panchenko, Andrii Andriiovych; Переход, Євген Анатолійович; Переход, Евгений Анатольевич; Perekhod, Yevhen Anatoliiovych Article 38 20
2017 Solar energy is an energy alternative source Yeremenko, А. Conference Papers 198 169
2016 Supplemented Series with Simultaneous Action of Gases and Cavitation on the Diplococcus Destruction Koval, І.Z.; Falyk, T.S. Conference Papers 204 154
2002 Sustainable Development in Judaism Chayen, Samuel Booklet 1382 1349
2014 Sustainable economic development Maksymeno, I. Conference Papers 821 1025
2013 The economic role of ghanaian culture and its traditions in nature presevation & environmental sustainability Ankamah, P. Conference Papers 490 443
2014 The environmental services market of Ukraine: the state and features of operation Kholyavko, K. Conference Papers 2247 1957
2017 The features of morphological changes in the urinary bladder under combined effect of heavy metal salts Romaniuk, Anatolii Mykolaiovych; Sikora, Vladyslav Volodymyrovych; Lyndin, Mykola Serhiiovych; Smiianov, Vladyslav Anatoliiovych; Sikora, Volodymyr Vitaliiovych; Lyndina, Yuliia Mykolaivna; Piddubnyi, Artem Mykhailovych; Hyriavenko, Nataliia Ivanivna; Korobchanska, Anna Borysivna Article 102 55
2013 The impact of world trade liberalization on pollution Hnatyshyn, Mariya Conference Papers 359 349
2008 To protect our environment Yarmak, Liubov Pavlivna; Novatarska, N. Conference Papers 6030 5823
2018 Transformation of environmental Management in automobile Transport in the light of the third Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0. Melnyk, Leonid Hryhorovych; Matsenko, Oleksandr Mykhailovych; Шиян, Андрій Сергійович; Шиян, Андрей Сергеевич; Shyian, Andrii Serhiiovych Conference Papers 10 11
2020 Transparency As A Way Of Attaining Quality, Safety And Optimal Food Purchases Dove, M.; Balasubramanian, A.; Narayanan, B.G. Article 31 0
2018 Ukrainian energy sector: ecological and economic features Pavlyk, Anatolii Volodymyrovych; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Article 20 17