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2017 A conceptual model for service innovation excellence for non-governmental higher education Noruzy, A.; Abili, Kh.; Pourkarimi, J.; Ansari, M. Article 1062047997 143144474
2014 Analyses of selected research and development indicators in Slovakia and Spain Sira, E. Conference Papers 45606559 31201543
2012 Bologna process. Hopes and concerns Januszewska-Warych, M. Article -1325159103 1734000928
2023 Collegiate cheating: understanding the prevalence, causes, and consequences Mahato, M.; Gaurav, K. Article 18399 22026
2023 Contemporary Challenges for Higher Education Applicants in Ukraine: A Philosophical and Attitudinal Aspect Luk`ianykhin, Vadym Oleksandrovych; Gumennykova, T.; Ruda, O.; Moskalenko, O.; Bader, S. Article 6573 9784
2023 Convergence and Disparities in Higher Education Fiscal Expenditures in China: A Regional Perspective Yu, Y.; Ruoxi, L.; Tingting, Y.; Xinxin, W. Article 242 253
2023 Determinants of Leadership in Higher Education in European Countries Pozovna, Iryna Viktorivna; Arhipov, S.; Kuzior, A. Article 22 22
2017 Effective Training Approaches to Learning/Teaching Business English Leshchenko, Olha Illivna Conference Papers 237626785 107024198
2022 Effectiveness of blended learning technologies in higher educational institutions Volodavchyk, V.; Vakal, Andrii Oleksandrovych; Bielova, V.; Netreba, M.; Monke, O. Article 637690 1260505
2014 Endowment as an Educational Fundraising Tool for Entrepreneurial University: the U.S. Experience versus Ukrainian Reality and Perspectives Krasulia, Alla Viktorivna Article 8936523 11465229
2018 Essential characteristics of modernization of physical education and sports in the higher education system Dolgova, Nataliia Oleksandrivna; Indyk, Pavlo Mykolaiovych; Malyhin, Anatolii Oleksandrovych Article 10339069 2265341
2021 Examining Budgeting and Fund Allocation in Higher Education Tsyhaniuk, Dmytro Leonidovych; Akenten, W.N. Article -2107739304 1982839015
2023 Formation of Online Content Patterns of Higher Education Based on Trends to Preserve Intellectual Capital Quality Decreasing in Ukraine During Wartime Barvinok, Veronika Yuriivna; Pudło, T. Article 1042838 571298
2021 Green University as an Element of Forming a Sustainable Public Health System Kyrychenko, Kostiantyn Ivanovych; Laznenko, Dmytro Oleksiiovych; Reshetniak, Yaroslav Viacheslavovych Article -2127128035 140810680
2001 Higher Education and the Changing Labour Market Khodtseva, Alla Oleksandrivna Conference Papers 29710619 11925755
2012 Hiher education for a changing world Turchyna, Tamara Vasylivna Article 3428123 1522893
2023 The impact of gamification intention to use in e-learning through student attitude: evidence from Egyptian Private Higher Education Institutions (HIEs) Hafez, D.W.A.; Salam, M.A.; Farid, S.; Farouk, M. Article 5766029 1735366
2022 The Impact of Media Culture on Future Professionals’ Training Tatarnikova, A.; Oleshko, A.; Voronovska, L.; Shvets, N.; Sushkova, Olena Mykolaivna; Sbitnaia, D. Article 19322514 16790374
2023 Implementation of knowledge economy and innovation through business education Habenko, M.; Koibichuk, Vitaliia Vasylivna; Krawczyk, D.; Mayboroda, Tetyana; Samoilikova, Anastasiia Viktorivna Article 38 21
2022 The influence of education on international labor migration Yeremenko, O.О. Masters thesis 6576560 10961727