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2018 Biogas as an alternative energy resource for Ukrainian companies: EU experience Yevdokymov, Yu.; Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych Article 109300058 -1833098943
2022 Business – process for investment activity Darchia, S. Article 159737 197120
2019 Company’s image and greenwashing in the framework of green investment concept Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych; Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna Article 343082899 -1639750850
2018 Corruption, Investment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach Nguedie, Y.H.N. Article 1685236216 765164673
2015 Determinants of innovations and competitiveness in the European Union Machnáček, V.; Strielkowski, W.; Shishkin, A.; Bilan, Yu. Article 110449455 15230863
2022 Determining the Optimal Directions of Investment in Regional Renewable Energy Development Sotnyk, Iryna Mykolaivna; Kurbatova, Tetiana Oleksandrivna; Romaniuk, Yaroslavna Serhiivna; Prokopenko, O.; Gonchar, V.; Sayenko, Y.; Prause, G.; Sapiński, A. Article 87 149
2019 Environmental, social and governance investment standardization: moving towards sustainable economy Plastun, Oleksii Leonidovych; Makarenko, Inna Oleksandrivna; Makarenko, S.M.; Yelnikova, Yuliia Vasylivna Article 182877 70108
2016 Estimation the impact of macroeconomic factors on the innovation activities of enterprises in Ukraine Khaustova, K.M. Article 183328 134777
2015 Features of investment between Ukraine and Germany Pylypchuk, N.Yu. Article 114281 55256
2020 Features of non-traditional types of investment Havrylina, A. Conference Papers 1280 2828
2022 Financial and economic role of cryptocurrencies in international investment Tsybulniak, A.S. Bachelous Paper 52212 59015
2019 Financial instruments of stimulating innovative activities of enterprises and its improvements Liubkina, O.; Murovana, T.; Magomedova, A.; Siskos, E.; Akimova, L. Article -1245863911 1105178099
2019 Financial Markets Qoqiauri, L.; Qoqiauri, N.; Prokopenko, Olha Volodymyrivna Monograph 5484822 9970617
2020 FinTech інновації як детермінанти розвитку національної економіки Rubanov, Pavlo Mykolaiovych Synopsis 643630151 447065727
2020 FinTech інновації як детермінанти розвитку національної економіки Rubanov, Pavlo Mykolaiovych PhD Thesis 304836699 -1245910878
2013 Formation of the System of Internal Factors of Investment Attractiveness of the Bank as an Object of M&A Yaremenko, Nataliia Serhiivna Conference Papers 60072 391
2020 Global trends in renewable energy development Kurbatova, Tetiana Oleksandrivna; Передерій, Т. А. Article 13383 149534
2020 Grameen Model and its ethical inclinations to Islamic Microfinance System: A Narrative-Textual Case Study Bello, H.S.; Isa, M.; Lame, D.M. Article 1642 1706
2019 Green branding as a driver to boost the development of green investment market Pimonenko, Tetiana Volodymyrivna; Chyhryn, Olena Yuriivna; Liulov, Oleksii Valentynovych Article 46435 10050
2021 The “Green” Campus of The University as a Driver of Sustainable Development Vasylieva, Tetiana Anatoliivna; Antoniuk, Nataliia Anatoliivna; Kyrychenko, Kostiantyn Ivanovych; Laznenko, Dmytro Oleksiiovych Article 14230 5936