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2017 Administration of l-carnitine in patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis with underlying obesity Chobaniuk, S.; Smandych, V.; Khukhlina, О. Conference Papers 143598135 62100533
2021 Assessment of cardiovascular risk in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and associated obesity and ways of its correction Griadil, T.I.; Chopey, I.V.; Chubirko, K.I.; Hechko, M.M.; Rumaneh, W. Article 430088 522368
2021 Association of polymorphisms IRS-1 and ADIPOQ with hemodynamic and neurohumoral parameters in obese hypertensive patients Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, М.М.; Kyrychenko, Nataliia Mykolaivna; Kochuiev, G.I.; Rohozhyn, A.V.; Matlai, Olha Ivanivna Article 342415 140170
2016 Bcl1 polymorphism of glucocorticoid receptor gene in patients with bronchial asthma with obesity Kmyta, Vladyslava Volodymyrivna; Harbuzova, Viktoriia Yuriivna; Prystupa, Liudmyla Nykodymivna; Prystupa, E.N. Article 17621238 23694822
2017 Body Mass Index in Patients with Bronchial Asthma with Regard to Gln27Glu Polymorphism β2-Adrenergic Receptor Gene Prystupa, Liudmyla Nykodymivna; Bondarkova, Anna Mykolaivna; Murenets, N.; Kmyta, Vladyslava Volodymyrivna; Kuchma, N.G.; Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna Article 985877 934625
2021 Clinical and laboratory features of patients with comorbid association of bronchial asthma and obesity Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, M. M.; Tymchenko, H. A.; Komissarovа, O. S.; Marchenko, A. V.; Tymchenko, M. Ye.; Zaikina, Yu.O. Article 328418 645918
2014 Comparative influence of body mass index on response to asthma therapy Fadieieva, Hanna Anatoliivna; Prystupa, Liudmyla Nykodymivna; Pohorielova, Oksana Serhiivna; Mazur, T. Article 13800828 9917158
2019 Dependence of the activity of the system ofoxidative stress-antioxidant protection oninsulin resistance in patients with essential hypertension and obesity Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna Article 1085737 1087973
2021 Determinants of formation of true resistance to antihypertensive treatment in patients with arterial hypertension with concomitant obesity Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, M.M.; Kochuiev, G.I.; Tymchenko, H.A.; Hrek, I.I.; Kyrychenko, Nataliia Mykolaivna Article 802518 454391
2019 Effects of type 2 diabetes mellitus on clinical and laboratory status of women with arterial hypertension, obesity, and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction Kyrychenko, Nataliia Mykolaivna; Opolonska, Nataliia Oleksiivna; Степанець, О.В. Article 1962263 61287
2020 Features of hemodynamic and metabolic disorders in obese patients with resistant hypertension Shalimova, A.; Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, M.; Kolesnikova, O.; Isaieva, A.; Zlatkina, V.; Nemtsova, V. Article 7324 1513
2022 Frequency and variants of menstrual disorders in adolescents with metabolic syndrome Synkina, Anna Anatoliivna; Nikitina, Iryna Mykolaivna; Smiian, Svitlana Anatoliivna; Babar, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Article 866335 170955
2020 Hemodynamic and metabolic disorders in obese patients with resistant hypertension Shalimova, A.; Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, M.; Kolesnikova, O.; Isaieva, A.; Prosolenko, K. Conference Papers 241166 30667
2012 Inflammatory and glucose metabolism parameters in obese in obese patients Kikhara, A.; Kanika, D. Conference Papers 787777 638505
2021 Influence of physical activity on the effectiveness of various antihypertensive therapy in obese hypertensive patients Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, M.; Moiseyenko, Iryna Olehivna Article 66200 79435
2013 Influence of quercetin on asthma course in obese patients Otesanya, Olamide Conference Papers 210314634 192799004
2020 A Market Research Of Obesity And Bariatric Surgery In Turkey And Tunisia Kockaya, G.; Karahan, E.B.; Oztopcu, S.; Oguzhan, G.; Charaf, A.M. Article 1857834 4864754
2018 Metabolic disorders and adipocytokines imbalance in hypertensive patients with diabetes mellitus and obesity Shelest, B.O. Article 511762 40162
2020 Metabolic disorders and the state of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in obese patients with resistant hypertension Shalimova, А.; Psarova, Valentyna Hryhorivna; Kochuieva, М.; Kolesnikov, O.; Prosolenko, K. Conference Papers 17811 36531
2016 Nutritional intervention in overweight and obese patients Posea, Mihaela Conference Papers 419401 20772