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2021 Comparative Study of the Influence of µc-Si:H, a-Si:H, pm-Si:H and µc-SiOx as a Passivation Layer on the Performance of HIT n-c-Si Solar Cells Dahlal, Z.; Hamdache, F.; Rached, D.; Rahal, W.L. Article 30163 35373
2018 Computer Simulation on the Behavior of the TCO/n-a-Si:H Interface Solar Cells Djaaffar, Rached; Habib, Madani Yssaad; Wassila, Leila Rahal Article 14792 7683
2019 Influence of Vacancies and Pores that Appear during Irradiation in the Surface Metal Layer on Field Emission Current Musiienko, I.I.; Kholodov, R.I. Article 1408 76
2020 Optimization of the Electrical Characteristics of the Au/n-type InN/InP Schottky Diode Based on the Contact Technique of Different Diameters Bey, A. Baghdad; Talbi, A.; Berka, M.; Benamara, M.A.; Ducroquet, F.; Khediri, A.H.; Benamara, Z. Article 198 226
2020 Simulation Study of Metal-semiconductor Back Contact p-c-Si/Al on Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Bendjebbar, K.; Rached, D.; Rahal, W.L.; Bahlouli, S. Article 3177 2015
2018 Електричні та фотоелектричні властивості поверхнево-бар'єрних структур МоOх/n-Si Солован, М.М. Article 1782 60
2018 Елемент пам’яті на основі молекули пероксиду Кондратенко, П.O.; Сакун, Т.М.; Маринченко, А.Є.; Lopatkin, Yurii Mykhailovych; Малашенко, А.Г. Article 1393 102