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2017 Alternative technology to manufacture bimetallic products by using self-propagating high temperature synthesis Skidin, I.E.; Kalinin, V.T.; Tkach, V.V.; Saitkhareiev, L.N.; Zhbanova, O.M Article 576 356
2016 Basics of general approach for technological systems analysis Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Conference Papers 509 385
2020 Designing as the mixture of creativity and technology Kozlovska, Hanna Borysivna Conference Papers 29 25
2018 Exploring the Organizational Benefits and Implementation Challenges of Preparing an Integrated Report in Mauritius Bachoo, T.; Ahmad, N.S.M. Article 551 527
2016 Flying cars Sovenko, I. Conference Papers 427 383
2014 Hard drive disk and memory storage Ushakov, Y.V.; Trubayev, V.S. Conference Papers 87 81
2020 The Influence of Technological Factors on Photoconverters Electrophysical Characteristics Nikonova, A.A.; Nebesniuk, O.Y.; Nikonova, Z.A. Article 41 36
2016 Innovation priorities optimization in the context of national technological security ensuring Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Article 1371 615
2017 Innovations in medicine Taranyuk, D. Conference Papers 776 454
2013 Investigation of the features of banking risks in the implementation of international investment projects in high-tech-areas Khvorost, Oksana Oleksiivna; Cherkasova, О.; Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Article 215 164
2014 Modern posibilities of Wi-Fi Kliuiev, V.S. Conference Papers 151 122
2013 Positive and negative sides of technology Krutas, Y.S. Conference Papers 1726 1822
2004 Teaching and learning ESP beyond the classroom Dorda, Svitlana Volodymyrivna Article 330 284
2019 The influence of Fintech Development on Payments and Money Transfers Sphere in Ukraine Drofa, A.O. Masters thesis 375 344
2011 The Internet and foreign language education: benefits and challenges Turchina, T. Conference Papers 454 394
2017 To make the world smarter and safer Book 656 292
2015 To make the world smarter and safer Lisachenko, V.O. Conference Papers 62 62
2019 To Make the World Smarter and Safer Book 244 134
2015 To make the world smarter and safer Book 331 186
2018 To make the world smarter and safer Book 315 299