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2017 Alternative technology to manufacture bimetallic products by using self-propagating high temperature synthesis Skidin, I.E.; Kalinin, V.T.; Tkach, V.V.; Saitkhareiev, L.N.; Zhbanova, O.M Article -492292205 -1311384281
2022 Analysis of the possibilities of application of synthetic aperture satellite radars for the post-war economic development of Ukraine Yatsenko, Valerii Valeriiovych; Mohylna, K.O. Article 1664896483 -1333537097
2016 Basics of general approach for technological systems analysis Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Conference Papers -217282761 -1551384720
2023 Blockchain technologies in accounting: bibliometric analysis Kravchenko, Olena Volodymyrivna; Nebaba, Nataliia Oleksandrivna; Aiyedogbon, John O. Article -598760542 -954615151
2022 Bypass Diodes to Improve Solar Panel Efficiency for Certain Module Pandey, Jay Kumar; Aharwal, Vikas Kumar Article 40200743 1424886235
2023 Content and Bibliometric Analysis of Education as a Competitive Advantage of Business Kharchenko, D. Article 7443 5882
2020 Designing as the mixture of creativity and technology Kozlovska, Hanna Borysivna Conference Papers 5423020 866072
2023 Determinants of Technopreneurial Intention Among University Students: Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation (IEO) as Mediator Koe, W.-L.; Rahim, M.R.A.; Mahphoth, M.H. Article 134211733 181037926
2020 Economic Optimization of Resource Use Based on Smart Grid Kubatko, Oleksandra Viktorivna; Ihnatchenko, Vitalii Mykhailovych; Shaparenko, S.V.; Starodub, I.A.; Yaryomenko, D.O. Article 1411089697 -758402730
2023 The Effect of Big Data on the Development of the Insurance Industry Belhadi, A.; Abdellah, N.; Nezai, A. Article -1956849001 1406276330
2022 Effectiveness of blended learning technologies in higher educational institutions Volodavchyk, V.; Vakal, Andrii Oleksandrovych; Bielova, V.; Netreba, M.; Monke, O. Article 12623670 19154901
2022 Electrochemical Response of Ascorbic Acid Using Screen-Printed Carbon Electrode Illiya, W.; Permatasari, L.M.; Ardyansyah, F.; Madurani, K.A.; Kurniawan, F. Article 380439136 1004246952
2021 Evaluation of the Impact of Science and Technology on the Labour Market Jazdauskaite, J.; Privarova, M.; Baranskaite, E.; Juscius, V.; Kelemen-Henyel, N. Article 57076459 393696141
2023 Exploring the Interplay Between Digital Technology, Transformational Leadership and Agility for Enhancing Organisational Performance Yamin, T.; Murwaningsari, E. Article 78 29
2018 Exploring the Organizational Benefits and Implementation Challenges of Preparing an Integrated Report in Mauritius Bachoo, T.; Ahmad, N.S.M Article -546350550 481143083
2023 Export of high-tech goods in the context of innovation transfer for social-economic development: factor analysis Habenko, M. Article 4295711 6064349
2023 Financial Technology and Financial Inclusion in Remote Areas of Algeria. Analytical Study Using Data Mining Hadouga, H. Article 292 61
2016 Flying cars Sovenko, I. Conference Papers 753909070 -1138722891
2014 Hard drive disk and memory storage Ushakov, Y.V.; Trubayev, V.S. Conference Papers -364115603 -1291925263
2021 How Does The Use Of Technology In Entrepreneurial Process Affect Firms’ Growth? Kaya, H.D. Article -1701805633 559123677