Наукові видання (ШІ) [658]

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2016 Shakespearean Impact on the English Language Гаврилюк, C.В.; Михальчук, О.М. Conference Papers 2547 2172
2016 Solvent sublation of сopper ions Bolielyi, O.C.; Obushenko, T.I.; Tolstopalova, N.M. Conference Papers 64 51
2016 Summarized cavitational impact of water treatment from microorganisms and organic compound Koval, І.Z. Conference Papers 42 30
2016 Supplemented Series with Simultaneous Action of Gases and Cavitation on the Diplococcus Destruction Koval, І.Z.; Falyk, T.S. Conference Papers 106 86
2016 Synthesis of brown pigments iron-zink spinel from hydroxide Ivaniuk, H. Conference Papers 43 35
2018 The actual use of mathematical analisis in the reserch of the equation of body movements Liashenko, A.A.; Onishenko, T.M. Conference Papers 14 15
2016 The Category of Spatiality in English Lepert, O.A.; Varenyk, G.I.; Kolodko, N.S. Conference Papers 24 9
2016 The Evolution of English Dictionaries Юзькова, Ю.В.; Михальчук, O.M. Conference Papers 624 531
2016 The Forms of Middle English Generated by the Interplay of English, French and Latin Міщук, Ю.Ю. Conference Papers 741 583
2008 The management of the cycle of keeping the goods sellable Prigara, I.O. Conference Papers 1667 1688
2016 The mineral fertilizer granules encapsulating in a multistage shelf apparatus Ostroha, Ruslan Oleksiiovych; Shevets, S.P. Conference Papers 35 38
2016 The Peculiarities of Ukrainian and Russian Translations of Walt Whitman's Poems Дуброва, О.В. Conference Papers 82 56
2017 The personality of Oscar Wilde in his novel "The picture of Dorian Grey" in the light of queer theory Kalma, M.M.; Dubrova, O.V. Conference Papers 962 816
2016 The Predicative Construction Bodnar, О.V.; Yashchuk, P.A. Conference Papers 301 242
2018 The problem of employment of bachelors after the end of the higer education Zabegalov, І.V.; Bulashenko, А.V. Conference Papers 19 7
2016 The Promotion of Linguistic Idiosyncrasy and Eccentricity in the Historical Development of the BBC Голинська, Н.Г. Conference Papers 129 124
2017 Three levels of teaching subjects Pomogaibo, Y.V. Conference Papers 145 5
2016 Uderstanding Poetry Varenik, Nikolay; Fylymonchuk, Alex Conference Papers 258 13
2018 Using Films And Videos As English Language Instructional Material Pomogaibo, Y.V. Conference Papers 56 43
2017 Virtual local area network in a residential area Putienko, O.M.; Bulashenko, A.V. Conference Papers 42 6