Журнал нано- та електронної фізики (Journal of nano- and electronic physics) [2196]

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2016 A New Nonrelativistic Investigation for Spectra of Heavy Quarkonia with Modified Cornell Potential: Noncommutative Three Dimensional Space and Phase Space Solutions Abdelmadjid, Maireche; Djenaoui, Imane Article 127 263
2016 A New Relativistic Study for Interactions in One-electron atoms (Spin ½ Particles) with Modified Mie-type Potential Maireche, Abdelmadjid Article 106 180
2016 A New Theoretical Study of Quantum Atomic Energy Spectra for Lowest Excited States of Central (PIHOIQ) Potential in Noncommutative Spaces and Phases Symmetries at Plan’s and Nanoscales Maireche, A. Article 312 341
2019 A Nonrelativistic Subatomic Model to Describe a Behavior of 2D Anharmonic Sextic Potential for Atomic Nucleus in the Symmetries of Extended Quantum Mechanics Abdelmadjid, Maireche Article 70 31
2017 A Novel Enhanced-Majority-Voter Universal Gate in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata with Energy Dissipation Analysis Umira, S.; Qadri, R.; Bangi, Z.A.; Tariq Banday, M.; Mohiuddin Bhat, G. Article 12 5
2016 A Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Buffer Layer Band Gap on the Performances of nc-Si : H Based Solar Cells Touati, H.; Amiri, B.; Sebbak, A.C.; Benameur, A.; Aït-kaci, H. Article 308 323
2018 A Perspective on Zinc Oxide Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Mukherji, R.; Mathur, V.; Mukherji, M. Article 75 19
2014 A Planar Interdigital Sensor for Bio-impedance Measurement: Theoretical analysis, Optimization and Simulation Thanh-Tuan, Ngo; Hamidreza, Shirzadfar; Djilali, Kourtiche Article 2052 1761
2014 A Planar Interdigital Sensor for Bio-impedance Measurement: Theoretical analysis, Optimization and Simulation Ngo, Thanh-Tuan; Shirzadfar, Hamidreza; Kourtiche, Djilali; Nadi, Mustapha Article 3068 240
2017 A Processing in Memory Realization Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA): Proposal and Implementation Chougule, P.P.; Sen, B.; Mukherjee, R.; Patil, P.S.; Kamat, R.K.; Dongale, T.D. Article 27 19
2017 A Recent Study of Excited Energy Levels of Diatomics for Modified more General Exponential Screened Coulomb Potential: Extended Quantum Mechanics Maireche, Abdelmadjid Article 14 6
2017 A Simple Approach on Synthesis of TiO2 Nanoparticles and its Application in dye Sensitized Solar Cells Chougala, L.S.; Yatnatti, M.S.; Linganagoudar, R.K.; Kamble, R.R.; Kadadevarmath, J.S. Article 223 172
2011 A Simple Sol Gel Protocol Towards Synthesis Of Semiconducting Oxide Nanomaterial Devi, G.S.; Hamoon, H.Z.R.; Nanaji, A.; Reddy, K.R.; Sreedhar, B.; Ramana Rao, J.V. Article 1338 453
2018 A Simple Sonochemical Synthesis of Nanosized ZnO from Zinc Acetate and Sodium Hydroxide Zakirov, M.I.; Semen’ko, M.P.; Korotchenkov, O.A. Article 20 8
2011 A Strategic Review Of Reduction Of Dislocation Density At The Heterogenious Junction Of Gan Epilayer On Foreign Substrate Bhattacharyya, S.Das; Mukhopadhyay, P.; Das, P.; Biswas, D. Article 1991 1429
2011 A study of Schottky barrier height inhomogeneity on In/p-Silicon Modi, B.P. Article 720 1273
2011 A Study Of The Evolution Of The Silicon Nanocrystallites In The Amorphous Silicon Carbide Under Argon Dilution Of The Source Gases Kole, A.; Chaudhuri, P. Article 1618 1544
2016 A Two Dimensional Surface Potential Model for Triple Material Double Gate Junctionless Field Effect Transistor Kumar, A.; Chaudhry, A.; Kumar, V.; Sharma, V. Article 230 354
2011 A two-dimensional (2D) potential distribution model for the short gate-length ion-implanted GaAs mesfets under dark and illuminated conditions Tripathi, Shweta; Jit, S. Article 710 1030
2013 A.C. Conductivity of Ag Incorporated Se-Te-Bi Glassy Alloy Kumar, Anup; Heera, Pawan; Sharma, Raman Article 1103 220