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dc.contributor.authorХоменко, Алексей Витальевич-
dc.contributor.authorПроданов, Н.В.-
dc.contributor.authorХоменко, Олексій Віталійович-
dc.contributor.authorKhomenko, Oleksii Vitaliiovych-
dc.description.abstractThe melting kinetics of amorphous ultrathin lubricant film, confined between atomically flat crystalline surfaces is studied. The process is presented as the second-order phase transition using the rheological Lorentz model for viscoelastic matter, where shear stress plays role of the order parameter, the conjugate field reduces to the shear strain, and the temperature is the control parameter. An analytical and numerical analysis of the phase portraits is carried out in different kinetic regimes for possible limiting cases of ratios between relaxation times for mentioned variables. It is shown that the interrupted mode of friction (stick-slip) is realized, if the relaxation time of lubricant temperature is much longer that its value for shear stress and strain. In the opposite case the system rapidly converges to a universal section determining its kinetics. When you are citing the document, use the following link
dc.publisherИздательство СумГУru_RU
dc.subjectмодель Лоренцаru_RU
dc.subjectмодель Лоренцаru_RU
dc.subjectlorenz modelru_RU
dc.titleСинергетическая кинетика граничного тренияru_RU
Appears in Collections:Журнал нано- та електронної фізики (Journal of nano- and electronic physics)

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