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Title: Результаты моделирования процесса управления проектами
Other Titles: Результати моделювання процесу управління проектами
The results of the simulation process management
Authors: Мазурин, Э.Б.
Лапушкин, И.И.
Лазарев, А.Л.
Keywords: менеджмент
модель процесса управления
управление проектами
регулирование процессов
адаптивное управление
модель процесу управління
управління проектами
регулювання процесів
адаптивне управління
process control model
project management
regulation of processes
adaptive management
Issue Year: 2014
Publisher: Сумский государственный университет
Citation: Мазурин, Э.Б. Результаты моделирования процесса управления проектами [Текст] / Э.Б. Мазурин, И.И. Лапушкин, А.Л. Лазарев // Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій. - 2014. - № 1. - С. 161-171.
Abstract: В статье приведено содержательное описание модели процесса управления проектами в компании. Описан процесс интерпретации модельных данных. Приведены результаты моделирования процесса управления и проведено сравнение результатов моделирования с фактическими данными по проектам. При цитуванні документа, використовуйте посилання
У статті наведений змістовний опис моделі процесу управління проектами в компанії. Описаний процес інтерпретації модельних даних. Викладені результати моделювання процесу управління і порівняно результати моделювання з фактичними даними за проектами. При цитировании документа, используйте ссылку
The aim of the article. The goal of the article is to discuss the model of the management of main production processes (in particular case of projects in the company). The results of the analysis. As a subject of the study it is offered to use a substantial part of the process of decision-making. Scientific novelty of research is in consideration of decision-making process from the point of view of information flow interaction of regulated process with the information flow from implementation of the planned process algorithm. The results of the simulation can be used to calculate the expected completion dates of projects, costs and project risks. For research of the process of management of key business processes at the «Integrator IT» Company, which main activity is performing design works on software development, together with the Department of Economics and Organization of Production» of Bauman Moscow State Technical University it was developed a model of control circuit. The model allows studying the process of management withing different organizational structures, principles and levels of regulation. It is proposed to use the following interpretation of the links of a regulation: 1) amplifier (proportional link) –elaboration of management decisions and the impact on subordinates in proportion to the deviation of planned and actual indicators of activity of the company; 2) aperiodic unit – development of a control action when the perturbation is growing rapidly, but as it approaches the value of the disturbing magnitude slows down its growth; 3) oscillatory link managers carry out the control action with a variable «force»; 4) integrating link is possible only with a special information system for management, when the current values of the indicators activity of the company are calculated not only on the absolute value, but cumulatively; 5) differentiating link – as well as for the link you really needs a special information system for management. Conclusions and directions of further researches. Model of the control circuit is implemented in the matrix system MATLAB R2006/2007c using visual block simulation Simulink 7. The article provides a substantial description of the model of the project management process in the company. It describes the process of model data interpreting. Proposed duration of the project works to translate in relative units (used interest, i.e. the deadline for completion of design work has been taken as 100%). The model can calculate the total project time, folded planned total accumulated complexity of the project and the total accumulated value of external disturbance (taking into account the mark showing a positive or negative impact), and dividing by the number of performers in the project. When you are citing the document, use the following link
Type: Article
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