Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій (Marketing and Management of Innovations) [1409]

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2017 A conceptual model for service innovation excellence for non-governmental higher education Noruzy, A.; Abili, Kh.; Pourkarimi, J.; Ansari, M. Article -360660081 -73414887
2019 A General Overview to Leadership Theories from a Critical Perspective Uslu, Osman Article 600016089 -694077151
2018 A virtual power plant as a cooperation network Ropuszynska-Surma, E.; Weglarz, M. Article 644720396 224602096
2016 ABC analysis as a tool of optimization of marketing management of export-led enterprises Pitel, N.Y.; Alioshkina, L.P. Article 1962862796 790591711
2013 Absorptive capacity in organizational theories: learning, innovation, managerial cognition Vasylieva, O.А. Article 1818492114 -1928448373
2018 Academic capitalism: development trends in ukraine and european practice Novikova, I.; Martyniuk, V.; Bediukh, A.; Kharina, O. Article -1322436330 447857350
2018 Academic inventors and patent rights: structure of collaboration in academic patents and university patents in Brazil Silva, K.; Vasconcellos, A.G. Article 356102790 421386005
2022 Achieving Firm Financial Performance Through the Just-In-Time Supply Chain, Quality Management, and Supply Chain Integration: The Moderating Role of IT Advancement Zatar, T. Article 185 64
2018 Activity management of the action plan for a sustainable fight against tax fraud and tax evasion in Slovakia as compared with the EU Dobrovic, J.; Koraus, A.; Rajnoha, R. Article 1283253455 273394419
2021 The Adoption of Social Media Marketing by Home-based Businesses in Saudi Arabia Alharthi, A.; Alhothali, G.T. Article -1796231488 -829244419
2018 An empirical perspective on consumer’s attitude towards online shopping Choudhary, S.; Dhillon, S. Article 1715975787 -457837294
2019 An Empirical Test of Herzberg's Two-Factor Motivation Theory Ozsoy, Emrah Article -654461138 994541585
2016 An experiment on brand loyalty among mobile phone users in the basque region of Spain Salem, M.Z.Ye.; Cermelli, M. Article -2128167985 969192251
2019 An Exploration of Issues Affecting Consumer Purchase Decisions Towards Eco-friendly Brands Olasiuk, H.; Bhardwaj, U. Article -868847259 251461891
2018 Analitical view of online marketing tools in the dimension of marketing campaigns' personalization in Slovakia Gavurova, B.; Bacik, R.; Fedorko, R.; Rigelsky, M. Article 1325749790 -1763366695
2020 Analysing the Demand of Agritourism for International Tourist in Armenia Tovmasyan, G.; Avetisyan, S.; Tatosyan, K.; Mirijanyan, L.; Galustyan, I.; Rushanyan, A. Article 955918330 -1317001893
2017 Analysis impact of the structural competition preconditions for ensuring economic security of the machine building complex Bublyk, M.; Koval, V.; Redkva, O. Article 121146384 239463583
2020 Analysis of Factors Determining the Implementation of Talent Management Coculova, J.; Svetozarovova, N.; Bertova, D. Article 1594411480 -1407252002
2017 Analysis of information asymmetry in innovation system security ensuring Omelianenko, Vitalii Anatoliiovych Article -2108520718 -981817397
2014 Analysis of information systems for the enterprises marketing activities management Natorina, O.A. Article -1963708502 -816604486