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Title: Research of the managerial decision-making conditions in the innovative sphere
Other Titles: Дослідження умов прийняття управлінських рішень в інноваційній сфері
Исследование условий и факторов принятия управленческих решений в инновационной сфере
Authors: Hryshchenko, Olena Fedorivna
Klisinski, J.S.
Akhrameieva, M.V.
Keywords: managerial decision
innovative sphere
dynamic development
innovative activity
управлінське рішення
інноваційна сфера
динамічність розвитку
інноваційна діяльність
управленческое решение
инновационная сфера
динамичность развития
инновационная деятельность
Issue Year: 2014
Publisher: Sumy State University
Citation: Hryshchenko, О.F. Research of the managerial decision-making conditions in the innovative sphere [Текст] / О.F. Hryshchenko, J.S. Klisinski, M.V. Akhrameieva // Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій. - 2014. - № 2. - С. 136-150.
Abstract: The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to identify the characteristics of decision-making in innovation, analysis of foreign experience such decisions and the possibility of using this experience in domestic practice. The results of the analysis. At present it is impossible to imagine any area of our life without innovation. But according to statistics, 10 launched of 8 new products fail. The majority of the causes of the failure of marketed goods are due to shortcomings in the field of marketing. Decision-making in the innovation area has its own characteristics associated primarily with a high degree of risk and uncertainty, as well as creative, intuitive and non-standard nature of these decisions. The analysis found that among academics, there are many approaches to the formation stages of decision-making. But all these approaches boil down to one thing – the problem solving is required. This article conclusions that in innovation is better to use an approach that includes the following decisions: market research market needs; analysis and selection of innovation; assessment of the results of research to the real state of things; analysis of the causes of non-compliance and the development of proposals for changes in adverse situations; analysis of the ranking of innovative design; technical and economic evaluation of the chosen solution; selection of a specific decision. The article analyzes the experience of developed countries to adopt management decisions as an example of innovative financing sector. Based on this analysis, one can conclude that Ukraine should pursue support domestic producers innovation and improve mechanisms state financial support for research and development, taking into account the experience in these matters countries more effectively implement and use innovations. Conclusions and directions of futher researches. The urgency of developing and implementing management decisions in the sphere of innovations is related to unresolved issues relating primarily current economic situation in Ukraine. Timely application of sound management decisions in innovation will enable entities to respond to the situation in its internal and external environments, quickly adapt to the different changes and gain significant competitive advantage. Availability of qualified innovative managers help organizations reduces costs; minimize risks and errors while promoting innovative technologies, the development of products and services, new business ideas. In terms of restructuring actualized the need for creation of new mechanisms for decision-making in innovation management based on the innovative capacity and innovation in the enterprise environment. Ukraine, as a country that is not yet fully adapted to today's market changes, it is imperative to consider and learn from the experience of developed countries, while adjusting to fit their characteristics (financial security, economic status, priority sector). To improve the practical application of various types and models of management decisions in the innovation sphere in Ukraine should first establish legislation that should allow developing and learning from the experience of developed countries. При цитуванні документа, використовуйте посилання
У статті розкриті основні теоретичні аспекти процесу прийняття управлінських рішень та їх особливості у інноваційній сфері, переглянуто міжнародний досвід з цього питання, а також проаналізовано основні види, моделі та стилі прийняття рішень у сфері інновацій. При цитировании документа, используйте ссылку
В статье раскрыты основные теоретические аспекты процесса принятия управленческих решений и их особенности в инновационной сфере, а также проанализированы международный опыт по этому вопросу. Также рассмотрены основные виды, модели и стили принятия решений в сфере инноваций. When you are citing the document, use the following link
Type: Article
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