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Title Інноваційна стратегія в системі управління національною економікою
Other Titles Инновационная стратегия в системе управления национальной экономикой
Innovative strategy in the system of national economy management
Authors Терьошкіна, Н.Є.
Keywords інновації
інноваційна стратегія
науково-технічний прогрес
економічна система
инновационная стратегия
научно-технический прогресс
экономическая система
innovation strategy
scientific and technological progress
economic system
Type Article
Date of Issue 2014
Publisher Сумський державний університет
Citation Терьошкіна, Н.Є. Інноваційна стратегія в системі управління національною економікою [Текст] / Н.Є. Терьошкіна // Маркетинг і менеджмент інновацій. - 2014. - № 2. - С. 151-161.
Abstract У статті розкриваються економічний зміст і взаємозв’язок понять «розвиток» та «інноваційна стратегія». Також визначено основні види та особливості інноваційних стратегій на макрорівні, їх місце і значення в системі державного управління економікою. Окреслені принципи, мета та завдання інноваційної стратегії в українських умовах. При цитуванні документа, використовуйте посилання
В статье раскрывается экономическое содержание и взаимосвязь понятий «развитие» и «инновационная стратегия». Также определены основные виды, особенности инновационных стратегий на макроуровне, их место и значение в системе государственного управления экономикой страны. Очерчены принципы, цель и задачи инновационной стратегии в украинских условиях. При цитировании документа, используйте ссылку
The aim of the article. The aim of the article is to analyse and to define intrinsic features of innovative strategy for further use of the best experience when developing mechanisms of formation and their realization in Ukraine. The results of the analysis. Eeconomic contents and interrelation of the concepts «development» and «innovative strategy» are defined. It is proved that use of the term «innovative development» is repetition of similar words according to the economic contents or if to be guided by logic, it is identical statements. Both there can’t be development without innovations, and innovations without development are impossible. The main approaches to scientific studying and understanding of essence of «innovative strategy» economic system which characterizes its certain aspect are defined, emphasizing the most essential differences and features. It is defined that innovative strategy represents the main strategy of high-quality growth of modern national economy; it is defined a common goal, model and development mechanisms, priorities, role of various participants in the course of its realization. Main types, features of innovative strategy at macrolevel, their place and value in system of public administration are also considered by national economy. The solution of a problem of restructuring of economy of Ukraine, maintenance of its competitiveness and providing economic security becomes possible only at realization of innovative strategy of the state, on the basis of continuous updating of technical base of production, improvement of its technological structure due to use of the innovations providing economy of expenses or creating conditions for such economy. The principles, the purposes and problems of innovative strategy in the Ukrainian conditions are defined. Conclusions and directions of further researches. Dynamics of business cycles, especially their last phase, confirm that the optimum model, capable to provide transition to a wave of new technological way, the innovative model of development of economic cornerstone at the heart of which its high-quality changes, are caused by emergence and distribution of innovations. Therefore development of the state is impossible without use of the latest technologies and methods in all spheres of activity. In the conditions of globalization and proceeding development of economy of knowledge innovative strategy of the state should be considered as one of the main strategies. Experience of the countries with the developed market economy and developing countries allows allocating the main types of innovative strategy of national economies; they considerably differ as a result of influence of certain factors and specifics of a state policy. When you are citing the document, use the following link
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